Lithium Technologies and Avian Revolution Construction Risk Management

IoT technology solutions provider to reduce the risk and cost of your construction customers.

Nisku, Ab, August 31, 2021 (PRNewswire) – Lithium Technologies and Ion PLC today announced the strategic alliance to introduce a comprehensive risk reduction tool for contractors and homeowners.

The combination of lithium technologies and yes brings industry-leading technology to more contractors and owners, so you can prevent events before they occur, realize lower insurance costs, and get more comprehensive coverage for your insurance coverage.

Too often, projects suffer from delays that result in costly delays and insurance claims. JSI® is the only smart construction solution that is one of the most expensive, one of the most expensive in the areas where innovation and IoT are in high demand. There are risks to the construction work, ”he said Mark Bryant, CEO of Lithium Technologies. “Our work with AON emphasizes the need for industry-leading disaster management and awareness-raising, and we are thrilled to bring IoT’s innovation and protection capabilities to its customers.”

Lithium Technologies offers a suite of IoT telemetry solutions that create smart construction sites with real-time data acquisition, analysis and alerts. JSI® combines building information modeling (BIM), IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) construction site into an easy-to-use platform that greatly improves overall vision and management. Through continuous monitoring, JSI® warns teams of problems as soon as they fall beyond the permitted or expected parameters – and automatically triggers critical response measures – so contractors and owners can prevent, minimize, and avoid incidents that typically result in costly claims. , Rework, time delays and affect operational efficiency. JSI® enhances the overall bottom line of the project by improving construction quality and workplace safety.

“Unlocking IoT power is a game changer in construction risk management,” he said David Bokot, Director of the Global Construction Development Team and Global Director of Awareness. The “Lathi Technologies” JSI® platform provides customers with the tools to effectively explore flexibility and low insurance costs, especially during this difficult construction market. We are proud to work with this innovative company to further extend our commitment. They focus on preventing issues before achieving the goal of more effective disaster management.

This innovative technology supports a wide range of stakeholders – including the owner, contractor, site supervisor, project manager, and insurer – throughout the construction process and provides limited information on costs and insurance needs during construction and property operations.

Ion is committed to helping its customers use new technologies and new ways of advancing their strategic initiatives. JSI® is part of Aon Technological Evolution to deliver innovative products that meet customer needs today and tomorrow in a transparent and efficient manner.

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