LightWorker UV introduces new hygiene technology at LA Yoga Expo

Lightworker uses UV-C technology to eliminate and eliminate 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses and fungi through exercise and yoga mats, making your carpet fresh and odorless. Carpets are cleaned with a powerful UV-C light blast that replaces time-consuming and harmful sprays and chemicals, cleansing both yoga mats in less than 30 seconds at a time. Lightworker machines are built in the Sunburst Sanctuary. Lompeck, California.

“Light throwing is a revolutionary way to clean your bed and will forever change the way our yoga community feels about the health and hygiene we practice,” said the CEO of LightWorker UV. Derrick Spurlock, “You no longer need heavy chemicals, sprays and scrubs that can ruin the quality and life of your Yoga mat.

Lightworker UV is based on the creator. Derrick Spurlock, Using time-proven technology developed by Masana founder years ago John BarnabiIncluding help and input from the great minds in the yoga industry Peter Steers (Founder of Manduca) and Blake Beltram (co-founder of MindBody). LightWorker UV has developed this smart and easy-to-use technology to help you rejuvenate yoga studios and fitness centers by practicing a safe, healthy, eco-friendly and germ-free environment.

“In a world that constantly reminds us of how fast infections can be transmitted, it is important to do all you can to be part of the solution,” he said. Melissa Splelock – Derrick’s wife, co-parent yogi and registered nurse. “I have personally used this technology for years, knowing that I am reducing health risks for everyone in my class, and I am finally happy to see it available to the public.”

For more information about LightWorker UV or visit The Lightworker to order a yoga studio or fitness center Or call their customer success team at 888-45-LIGHT (888-455-4888).

About LightWoker UV
LightWorker UV is the first company to introduce a healthy and easy way to ensure exercise and yoga mats are free of bacteria, viruses, fungi and odors to clean your carpet quickly and efficiently. The throwing machine provides peace of mind to yoga practitioners by providing a better, healthier and more eco-friendly environment to remove harmful germs and odors from every carpet without the use of harsh chemicals, sprays or wipes. With the intention of re-supporting yoga studios, The Lightworker will not only improve health and safety standards in the studios, but also provide studio revenue, charitable contributions and give back to the yoga community. Distribute the light For every and every star in our community.

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