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The bad news is that car service departments related to customer service have a longer lifespan for owners – but the good news is that owners still believe in what they are doing. That’s according to JD Power’s 2022 US Consumer Service Index released today. The survey measures customer satisfaction between vehicle owners and tenants in both the model model and the 21-21 model years.

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The results show that car owners still trust the sales service units and there are clear opportunities to improve customer satisfaction – most of which focus on updating the process and improving communication. Those measures are needed to cope with the increasing waiting time. Since 2021, both have increased by almost one full day.

Here are the main brands for each category:


Lexes Lea 897

Cadillac Lea 880

Porsche arrest 879

Akura sharp 871

BMW ፡ 86 866

Wholesale market

Mini lif 873

Buick Depot 872

Mazda sharp 856

Mitsubishi colle 854

GMC pick 853

Survey rated on 1,000-point scale, service quality (32%); Service Consultant (19%); Vehicle lifting (19%); Service provider (15%); And service start (15%). The total score was 848.

Communication is key.

According to the survey, 42% of respondents prefer service departments to send reminders and updates in a text message, and an online or application-based appointment schedule and payment process are a significant alternative for respondents.

We are having problems with our long-term 2021 F-150 appointment based on the app on the Fordpas app. Although we liked the simplicity of the program through the app, it did not successfully connect with the provider, and we had to make another appointment a few days later.

“Traders who connect customers to selected channels are benefiting,” said Chris Sutton, vice president of JD Power Automotive Retail. “Service units must now jump on the technology train or risk being left behind.”

JD Power also service providers that provide photo or video updates about important repairs are three times more likely to get a license to perform these repairs. And Respondents are more reliable.

Valet is useful.

Respondents chose sales services that offer valet service (car pick-up) or mobile service (where the technician or technicians come to the vehicle). It seems obvious, but giving owners more convenient ways to repair their vehicle is a great way to improve customer satisfaction. When we owned the 2019 G70, we enjoyed Valet’s service because it made it so much easier to find.

Proof of the future

The last chance for service departments is to become better and better acquainted with battery-powered vehicles. Satisfaction among electric vehicle owners is much lower than that of gas or diesel vehicles. As EVAs become more and more popular, it is important for traders not only to learn how to sell EVs but also to serve them.

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