Leinbridge has announced the appointment of Marcus Cassal as Chief Technology Officer

Pole, Mass: ((Business WireMarcus Cassal, a world leader in translation and environmental solutions, has announced that he has rejoined the company as a senior technology officer. Kazal operates a technology strategy and is responsible for providing innovative solutions to Linbridge customers and the community.

“We are thrilled that Marcus has returned to lead our technology company,” said John Fennelley, Lenbridge CEO. We have big ambitions and no one is more talented than Marcus to drive our technology agenda and deliver innovative solutions to our customers.

Kazal joined Lyonridge as a local engineer in 2001 and served in a number of key leadership roles, most recently as Vice President of Product Management and Technology Strategy. Kazal

“I am delighted to be back in Linbridge to continue the technological advancement,” says Kazal. “As a global leader in environmental solutions, we have a great roadmap for future development plans and technology transfer.”

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