League Apps announces new technology partnership with Ripcon Baseball

new York–(Business Wire) – The Operating System and Community League Apps for Youth and Local Sports Leaders have today launched a new technology partnership with Ripcon Baseball. Ripken Baseball is committed to delivering the best experience in youth sports in the United States to more than 5,000 teams and 120,000 players each year. The center of this new partnership focuses on the growing role of technology and society in delivering amazing sports experiences to their families everywhere.

“Our ongoing focus on providing a memorable experience in youth sports is that League Apps will help us deliver white glove customer service from the beginning to the end,” said Mike Kenny, vice president of Ripken Baseball. “This technology will enable us to deliver the ultimate big league experience at any venue or event across the country. We are excited to partner with and create League Apps to grow together as leaders in youth sports.

Ripken Baseball and League Apps work together to provide a world-class multi-platform technology experience for all team and league managers, coaches, players, family and friends at all Ripken baseball events.

Through the NextUp Community Forum, the partnership, which includes creating professional development opportunities for sports program leaders, teaches values ​​and leads to a shared vision for youth sports culture to play the right way. In doing so, it provides best-in-class solutions for enrollment and improved information security, integration with player and coach health, safety and training equipment; And last brand new optimized website.

“Ripken Baseball is a leader in creating amazing baseball and softball experiences that create unique lifelong memories,” said Lips Up CEO Mark Yosovit. “Our mission is to fully integrate innovative technology solutions for organizations such as Ripcon, which supports the vision of building access and excellence. We are happy to be a part of and serve the entire Ripcon Baseball community. ”

Visit RipkenBaseball.com for more information on the exciting 2022 events.

About Ripcon Baseball

Ripken Baseball brings teammates, coaches and family together through the big league experience by teaching the values ​​of the game and how to play it the right way. Ripken Baseball on site competitions, camps and spring training with modern baseball and softball equipment: The Ripken Experience በር Aberdeen (Maryland), Ripken Experience ርት Myrtle Beach (South Carolina) and The Ripken Experience ™ Pigeon Forge (Tennessee) in the United States Choose contests with a new line.

About League Apps

League Apps is committed to a world of sports benefits for all children and communities. Born and raised in New York City, it is the only technology and community platform designed to promote youth and local sports practices, and supports the organizers who make it possible. With the NextUp platform, which provides opportunities for professional development and networking by software and youth sports developers, League Apps supports and strengthens the industry that makes a difference in the lives of children and families every day. It also runs a charity fundPlay, which focuses on sports-based youth development programs in underprivileged communities. League Apps works with thousands of leading youth sports organizations, as well as support teams, leagues and athletes. Visit leagueapps.com for more information.

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