Leaders in healthcare, academia and technology form a new coalition to change the path of healthcare through responsible AI adoption

Redmond, wash., January 13, 2022 PRNewswire – The Artificial Intelligence Industry Coalition (AI3C) has announced the formation of a public, private, educational and research organization in the US health and life sciences industries on Thursday. The coalition includes Brookings Institution, Cleveland Clinic, Duke Health, Inter Mountain Healthcare, Microsoft, Novel Health, Plug & Play, Providence, UC San Diego, and University of Virginia With the goal of advancing technology to provide AI advice, tools and best practices in healthcare.

“The goal of the newly created AI3C is to identify and address significant social and industrial barriers and create effective partnerships with public and private organizations to promote health,” he said. Patty Obermaier, Vice President, American Health and Life Sciences, Microsoft. As I continue to make progress in serving the needs of patients and communities through AI innovation, I am pleased that AI3C has begun and is working with the Honorable Board.

The AI3C Board, consisting of senior volunteer consultants, works to create AI solutions for positive social and health outcomes, identify and develop AI strategies and visions for a variety of projects, and monitor the success of AI adoption. The industry. Each member organization has its own AI ambassadors to serve as regional leaders and driving programs. All members have an equal voice in the way the coalition works and is led.

AI3C intends to implement AI to solve significant challenges in business

  • General economic and industrial problems – Including research transfer, industry standards and financial support tools
  • Digital skills and hiring skills – Including organizational and cultural challenges as well as labor policies
  • Data privacy – Including data access and shared innovation

In general, the goals of AI3C are to accelerate AI innovation and adoption.

  • Showing emerging AI tools
  • Gather issues, best practices and research comments on the use of industry-based AI
  • Changing the AI ​​manpower
  • Preparing students for careers in AI and data science

To achieve these goals, AI3C members focus on providing a comprehensive program of responsible AI education and advanced skills. In addition, AI3C works with the healthcare community to make AI more effective and efficient with white papers, new tools and programs and access to social media. The Coalition hosts quarterly meetings and events to clarify the solution and process for solving key challenges through AI adoption.

AI3C provides advice and counseling on a variety of AI topics, including health care innovation, health equity and human resource change responsible for reducing clinical fatigue. More details about the integration programs and their impact will be available later this year. AI3C follows in the footsteps of Artificial Intelligence National Coalition in Financial Services. December 2020.

“Meeting the urgent needs of new health technologies requires the collaboration of various partners in the sectors. Implementing collaborative projects that will accelerate AI3C’s transformation of boundary technologies from research to solution development with the views of AI professionals, healthcare professionals and research community,” he said. Ashley Lawrence, Vice President and Managing Director, Microsoft Research and Incubation.

Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) enables digital transformation for cloud and intelligent edge age. Its mission is to encourage everyone on every planet and every organization to succeed.

Views from AI3C member organizations

“AI in healthcare provides us with powerful tools to address systemic challenges by identifying the root causes. Richard Shannon. “AI will empower us to redefine our public care system and I want to create health equity for generations to come.” – Shamila Lando, Chief Technology Officer, Duke Health

“We have made great strides in automating the application of AI and machine learning techniques on Mountain, including diagnostic, therapeutic, and routine tasks. AI enables us to create a seamless experience for our caregivers and patients. The ideal place for AI health care leaders to have the necessary discourse to develop models. Greg Nelson, Vice President of Analytical Services, Intermountain Healthcare

“Novanti Health is honored to be a member of AI3C. Our contribution is to contribute innovation to innovation and help keep our communities as healthy as possible, reducing health inequality, creating personalized medicines and improving access to care.” Health has no limits. Karl HaitourChief Data Officer and Senior Vice President, Information Products and Services, Novant Health

“We are in Providence We feel that responsible and fair implementation of AI will be an integral part of health care change and will achieve our health vision for a better world. We appreciate Microsoft’s commitment to this partnership, and we look forward to working with these reputable organizations to advance AII’s ability to make significant strides in healthcare. Brett McLarenChief Information Officer, Providence

“As the role of AI in our society and economy grows, this community of independent scientists will be a gateway between the healthcare industry and technology companies, academia, policy makers and society as a whole.Niam Yaragi, Non-resident Senior Partner, Brookings Institution

“Historically, novel therapy has taken 17 years since its inception. The COVID-19 epidemic has made it clear that this is too long. We need to reduce that, and advancing AI can help us. Accelerate research because AI is not integrated to handle large amounts of data. The clinical research used by AI is great. Matthew CoolChief Information Officer, The Cleveland Clinic

“UC San Diego has pioneered a number of AI models that have a direct impact on clinical care and biomedical research and recognizes the need for appropriate training in this area, including undergraduate, postgraduate and postgraduate programs. Reliable AI environment Similar developments across the country.This is very timely. Lucila Ohno-Machodo, MD, PhD, Chair of the Department of Biomedical Informatics at UC San Diego Health and Council of Teachers at the UC San Diego Halicollu Data Science Institute.

“AI has great potential for advancing healthcare through improvements in disease treatment and prevention.Donald E. BrownSenior Associate Dean – University of Virginia

Source: Microsoft Corporation


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