Latimer signs executive order to create operational force on cyber security

To provide advice on how to protect the county from cyber-attacks;

Increase the long-term efforts of the Westchester County Information Technology Department

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County Executive George Latimer has signed an executive order to create a cyber security task force as local governments become more vulnerable to cyber security threats over the past decade. The task force will be funded by reviewing the county’s current cyber security policies and developing new strategies to improve the county’s Department of Information Technology (DoIT) long-term efforts. With DoIT, the task force ensures that the county is protected from serious violations or cyber security attacks.

Latemer said: “It is important to anticipate and prepare for Westchester County’s significant cyber security threat, which could pose a serious threat to our water systems and facilities, school districts and health care facilities, airports and other county operations. We truly appreciate the good work of the County Information Technology Department and believe that a strong cyber security strategy will provide you with the tools you need to prevent access to, modify, delete or destroy sensitive information.

Westchester County Commissioner Doit Margarit Bayr stated, “Cyber ​​Security is a high-priority priority for DAT, and we, the county, are committed to ensuring the security of all technology sectors that county councils rely on to provide services, whether desktops, servers, networks, applications, or networks. DoIT continues to align demand for new IT solutions with cyber security “human beings”, encouraging all employees to take advantage of available cyber security training opportunities. Nearly 2,000 staff members participated in our final training session, so we know the demand among staff is high and we look forward to further expanding our training offerings in the future.

“It is clear that cyber security is on the news,” said former Westchester County Legislator and chairman of the Cyber ​​Security Task Force. From Randomware Attacks to Government Infrastructure, Non-Profit Organizations Listing Donor Details in Our Own Homes to Identity Theft We live in the digital world by creating new threats from local, national and international actors. Westchester County, with its excellent IT department and resources, is well positioned to lead the discussion between professionals and municipal officials. As the owner of a small business, a former county legislator and mother, I appreciate the county executive’s commitment to establishing this critical task force to ensure the safety of families and businesses in Westchester County. We can encourage best practices, encourage other municipalities in Westchester to review their systems and have a clear discussion of known and potential threats circulating in our workplace. We know that the cost of doing anything is too high to pay.

Joan McDonald of Westchester County Operations Director serves as Technical Advisor to the Cyber ​​Security Task Force. A.D. In 2015, President Obama appointed MacDonald to the National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC). MacDonald served at NIAC until 2020, and participated in several national cyber security surveys.

Westchester County DOIT currently operates the following cyber security strategies

  • Prioritize identification and protection of valuable information and assets;
  • Timely detection and rapid response to cyber threats;
  • Cyber ​​Security Awareness Training and Phishing Campaigns
  • Effective and efficient purchase And Deployment Of Existing and new technology

In addition to prioritizing new cyber security strategies, legislation and funding to reduce the risk of cyberbullying, it will provide all Westchester County staff with appropriate training on cyber security threats. The executive order will take effect immediately.


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