Lakviv Tech Grade will receive the Rizozo Family Memorial Scholarship

Kenosha – Board of Directors of the Kenosha Community Foundation has named the Sydney Bandon 2021 Lockey Technology Academy graduate Rizozo Family Memorial Scholarship recipient. Bando plans to study neurobiology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the spring.


Bando’s desire to pursue a career in health care began when he started working at a high school in a high school. She said this in the language of the band, which she shared in her application.

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Despite the difficult situation, I strengthened my resolve to pursue a career in health care … I realized that I wanted to spend the rest of my life giving people a chance to live their lives to the fullest. . Ever since I was in the nursing home, there has been a growing interest in psychiatry. Being able to build long-term relationships with patients and hoping to help them when they are struggling with mental illness is completely in line with the meaningful work they want to do. Having this scholarship not only helps me to pay for tuition but also pushes me to make a difference in my personal life. This is my ultimate goal at the end of the day, and it will always be. ”

During the first year of graduation, there were 20 applications for the Rizozo Family Memorial Scholarship. “We were amazed at the number and quality of the applicants,” said Kathy Cozel, a member of the Rizo family and a spokesperson for the fund. We cannot wait to see what these recent graduates, especially Sydney, have accomplished. It stimulates the mind and body to heal. We know that the legacy of our parents and uncles who care for their environment will pass on this scholarship and will be passed on to future generations.


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