L & T Technology Services Radiology Solution Chest rAI expands Intel AI developers program offerings with Intel.

Benguluru, India –Business Wire) -L&T Technology Services Limited (BSE: 540115, NSE: LTTS), a global leader in pure-game engineering services, announced today the award-winning healthcare solution Chest rAI ባበር in partnership with global technology leader Intel Corporation.

Chest Vision ™, a LTTS ‘AI-based chest X-ray analysis system powered by Intel OpenVINO Toolkit and AI Analytics Toolkit to help radiologists improve diagnostic speed and diagnostic accuracy.rd General Intel Xeon Scalable processors built into AI creators.

LTTS ‘AI-infused solution enables radiologists to quickly identify, analyze, and automate reporting in X-rays. The benefits of Chest rAI include enhancing the production of more practical information and reducing the waiting time for radiologists.

LTTS has recently entered into a strategic partnership with 5C Network Private Limited, one of India’s largest telematics forums, using Chest rAI verage to improve the patient’s understanding of radiologists while saving 5C network time.

L&T Technology Services Board Member Chief Operating Officer and Board Member Abishik Sinha Digital engineering capabilities are now available to everyone to transform complex health care statements into simpler and more complex strategies by protecting the patient’s data privacy using Intel’s advanced security technologies. Using our engineering skills in further investments and medical imaging, our commitment is to fully transform the landscape of Indian public health services. This partnership will benefit millions of people not only in the city but also in the countryside. ”

Sudhir Culture, a board member and strategic officer of the 5C Network Our mission is to serve as a reliable diagnostic partner with technology-approved decision-making for healthcare providers in India. As a next step in our development, our goal is to improve the quality of our radiologists by enabling them to improve their quality and provide them with clinical support at a reduced recovery time. With LTTS ‘Chest rAI Intel on Intel’s AI stack, we aim to reach the highest industry standards.

The IT Developers Program is an ecosystem for industry-leading independent software providers (ISVs), CIS processors, original equipment manufacturers, and end-users who want to accelerate the adoption of AI on IT platforms.

Wei Lee and Deputy Head of Machine Learning Performance at Intel Corporation “Wherever customers need AI, Intel is already with 3rd General Intel Xeon Scalable processors and software stack optimized for complete IP pipeline. By investing in tools, technologies, and globally optimized solutions ecosystems, we are making AI more accessible than ever. Through the Intel AI Builders Program, we work with companies around the world to bring the best AI solutions and capabilities to market.

LTTS capabilities in digital technology are industry-leading innovations for radiologists. Earlier this year, Chest rAI አ won the US-based Big Innovation Award, recognizing the breakthrough technology in the solution.

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