KOÇ GROUP launches gender equality campaign in technology and innovation

To accelerate social change by taking further steps to increase girls’ participation in STEM courses from elementary to high school and university Turkey. The companies plan to implement 30 programs targeting students, women, entrepreneurs, staff, families and stakeholders to reach a total of 500,000 people in five years.

Cos Holding has played a leading role in both gender equality campaigns Turkey And, internationally, the Declaration of Equality at Work, including being a key signatory to the United Nations Heforshe Movement and the United Nations Principles on Women’s Empowerment. The company is one of the leaders in the “Generation Equality Forum” launched by UN Women.

Coke Holding Celebrates New Change Measures: Oya Enlu Kizil, Director of Corporate Communications and External Relations “The promises of our companies include goals and projects that will contribute to the transformation of our partners, business partners and the community. Technology needs a balanced view.

Considering the size of the operations of the 8 companies operating in different sectors, the agreements will have a common impact and make a difference in the society.

Commitment to the automotive sector

  • Ford Otasan And Tofash It promises to increase the proportion of women working in technology and innovation from 18 percent to 30 percent. Turkish Tractor It is planned to increase this amount from 36 percent to 50 percent. Tofash also promises to increase the number of female managers from 13 percent to 20 percent, and Turkey Tractor aims to increase the proportion of women internships in the technology and innovation departments to 50 percent.
  • Ford Otosan is set to reach 100,000 women through training, education and funding projects to increase the number of women employed in technology and innovation in the automotive sector.
  • By 2026, Tofash has set goals to support and open up opportunities for 30,000 young female professionals, high school and university students to participate in technology and innovation.
  • TürkTraktör plans to reach a total of 30,000 people through coaching, mentoring and development programs and to provide internships and job opportunities.

Commitment to the sustainable consumer sector

  • In all international activities, Arselic Increases the number of women working in STEM from 16 percent to 35 percent.
  • Arselik, in collaboration with the Ministry of National Education, conducts technology, design, information technologies, and software courses for 100,000 girls. In addition, the company has recruited 5,000 women in international entrepreneurship programs and facilitated money transfer. $ 4 million For women entrepreneurs. Arselic also expands – You are an engineer and you are with us – Program for young female engineers in Romania, Pakistan And South Africa To support their professional development.
  • Beko It will increase the number of female entrepreneurs from 4.8 percent to 25 percent and increase the number of female entrepreneurs in the retail sector. By providing women with new professional qualifications, Arselic aims to increase the number of female technicians licensed by Arselic and Beco from 6.7 percent to 14 percent by 2026.

Energy sector commitment

  • Tupras It promises to increase the number of women employed in the R&D, innovation and information systems departments from 23 percent to 40 percent. Tuprash strives for 50% of female recruitment in general recruitment.
  • Do not cut Increases the number of female employees in the Department of Technology and Innovation from 13 percent to 35 percent, and female managers from 12 percent to 21 percent.
  • Tupras encourages a total of 100,000 girls, including 90,000 high school and 10,000 university students, to engage in STEM-related careers through education and training programs.
  • IGAZ is committed to reaching out to 100,000 women and girls of all ages through education, counseling and scholarship programs to address gender inequalities in technology and creative ecology.

Financial sector commitment

  • Yapi Credy The technology aims to increase the number of female employees from 35 percent to 40 percent and female managers from 22 percent to 27 percent over the next 5 years. The Yapi Credit subdivision of Yapi Credit Technology aims to ensure a more engaging and diverse recruitment process and requires at least one woman to be in the shortlist of 3.
  • Koçfinans By 2022, the company will maintain a 50% female worker ratio, and a 40% to 50% female employment rate through technology and innovation.
  • Yapı Kredi aims to provide specialized training and technical support to a total of 20,000 women entrepreneurs through custom financial products and services for women entrepreneurs and access to 80,000 women and girls.
  • Koçfinans, in partnership with universities and non-governmental organizations, offers scholarships, mentoring and internships for women and girls in remote areas.

About Coke Holding

Since 1926, Koç Holding, one step ahead of any change, has become one of the largest and most successful groups in Turkey and the region and the only Turkish company listed on the Fort 500 Global list. As of today, Coss Holding is Turkey’s largest investor, and Cos Group is the largest industry and service group in bag Istanbul, with revenue, exports, staffing, taxation and total market capitalization. Coco Holding has strong competitive advantage in the energy, automotive, consumer sustainability and financial sectors, providing strong long-term growth potential. Creating long-term and lasting value for the world and the communities in which the Koç Group works is at the heart of the business model.

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