Kapco and Access Finetech partner in data workflow solution

Kapco has partnered with AccessFinech to enhance the latest data management and workflow solution engineering and supply.

He said the two Fintech companies will ensure that banks, brokers, brokers and procurement companies provide effective technology platforms in the current competitive environment.

Older systems add distributed data and time consuming manual processes, resulting in increased costs and property risk. Therefore, it is important for companies to modernize their internal systems and practices.

Kapco and Access Fintech’s partnership aims to provide collaborative engineering solutions to encourage faster workflow adoption and change management.

It will also help companies explore challenges in terms of operations and regulatory compliance, particularly in the area of ​​forthcoming Central Securities Deployment Regulation (CSD), Interbank Reconciliation (IOO) Reconciliation, Prerequisites and Settlements and Proof of Payments. .

In a joint venture, Access Fintech Synchronization Network has the ability to extend and enhance data, synchronize workflows and transfer technology-supported operations to the business life cycle.

Capco’s experience in Transformation projects facilitates customer integration integration with the Singar Network.

“Innovative solutions such as a synergist network will accelerate those journeys and create cost-effective and highly regulatory environments,” said Owen Jell, head of partner and international capital markets at Capco.

“We are conducting more than one billion transactions a month,” said Boaz Zilberman, executive vice president of business development at Access Fintech. Combining the management and supply experience of Capcom’s industry-leading technology and process change with our Cingar network and platform is a critical acceleration of our customers’ operations and technology transitions.


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