John Dere finds bear-shaped robots to accelerate autonomous technology on the farm

“Derere sees autonomy as an important step forward in feeding farmers in the world and using their resources in a strategic way to feed the world and create more sustainable and profitable practices,” said John Dirie, chief technology officer. “The flag of victory is a talented agronomist, engineer and technologist with a proven ability to market sophisticated technology solutions. That expertise and experience, along with our autonomous professionalism, will accelerate the delivery of solutions along with our world-class distribution channel. For farmers who solve the big problem of feeding the developing world.

Dere first started working with the web flag in 2019 as part of the company’s start-up program, which focused on developing work with startup companies that could increase the value for Dere customers. Since then, Bear Flag has successfully deployed self-help solutions on specific farms in the United States

“One of the biggest challenges facing farmers today is the availability of skilled manpower to do far-reaching work that affects agricultural production. “Self-government provides a safe and productive alternative to that challenge.” Igino Cafiro, Co-founder and CEO of Bear Flag Robots. “We are pleased to work with Deres team to bring Deres’ flag to global food production and reduce the cost of food production through machine automation to bring autonomy to many farms.

The Bear Flag Team focuses on agricultural management, engineers and technologists on autonomy, sensor integration, vision, information, software and hardware. They stay in Silicon Valley, where they work closely with Dire Dawa to accelerate innovation and acquisition for customers around the world.

“The Dere and Bear flags are perfect in terms of technology and mission,” said Dan Lebfred, director of Dere – Automation and Autonomy. We look forward to working with state-of-the-art technology to help farmers achieve the best results.

Dere & Company ( is a global leader in providing innovative products, technologies and services to customers who revolutionize agriculture and construction – growing, harvesting, transforming, enriching and building to meet the needs of the world. Increased demand for food, fuel, shelter and infrastructure.

The mission of Bear Flag Robotics ( is to increase global food production by reducing the cost of food production through machine automation. The company develops its own technology by increasing the safety, reliability and profitability of agricultural tractors.

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