Jianፑ Technology Wins High Fintech Innovation Award and Shows Business Growth in New Categories and Markets

Beijing, October 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Jianpu Technology Inc. (NYSE: JT) is pleased to announce that a leading open source platform for accessing and indexing financial products in China has recently gained popularity. 2021 Top 10 Fintech Innovation Award (“Award”). The award was presented by “Bank of China employee“Recognizes Giants’ superiority in digitizing financial institutions.

Thanks as one of the most influential in Chinese The financial industry, the award (in 14Th Edition) Widely respected by the Fintech industry, regulators and financial institutions. Win the prize with banks like Webbank Pingan Bank And China EverBright Bank is a testament to Jiansu’s success and contribution to the creation of financial industry. Giansi is committed to innovation by embracing artificial intelligence, data science, analytics, cloud computing, machine learning and other technologies to explore and explore financial product categories and geographies.

as such Chinese The largest free credit card app online platform, the company has facilitated the issuance of more than 20 million credit cards. In addition to traditional content-based traffic, the company uses the social media and partner program (“the program”) to promote the social media platform. A.D. Launched in 2018, the program has been very successful in user acquisition and engagement, reaching an estimated two-thirds of credit card applications through this channel. Giansi will continue to use the program to expand into other financial product categories and new business establishments.

Giansu has joined the insurance broker by duplicating the financial products on stage. With the mission and vision of “making insurance accessible by technology”, the company has developed an intelligent agreement for private brokers that enables management, matching insurance products and streamlined marketing processes.

Jiansi expanded his fingerprint. Southeast Asia Provides markets by implementing and adapting successful formulas and pioneering business models. With the trust and support of local regulators and partners, the company has obtained a number of important licenses and registrations in the Fintech sector, including financial collector, credit score and transaction verification. In the future, Jiansi will continue to provide comprehensive financial services to the benefit of many people around the world.

Mr. David E., Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Jiangsu, commented, “As Fintech has been a pioneer, we have set a high priority on technology innovation in its first decade since its inception. In particular, we have helped small and medium enterprises cope with the epidemic by making certain financial services and products more accessible.

“We appreciate recognition”Bank of China employee‘, As well as industry participants. Along the way, we will continue to innovate as an integrated digital capacity, consumer education and protection, financial inclusion and accessibility, to better serve our users and financial institutions and to take full advantage of market opportunities in the new financial industry era. Digital Transformation.

About Jianpu Technology Inc.

Jianpu Technology Inc. It is a leading independent open source platform for accessing and indexing financial products. China. Using in-depth information insights and proprietary technology, Jianፑ provides users with personalized search results and recommendations for each user’s financial needs and profiles. The company enables financial service providers with sales and marketing solutions to enable them to reach and serve their target customers online and through mobile channels and increase their competitiveness by providing customized data, risk management and end-to-end solutions. The company is committed to maintaining an independent open platform that allows users and financial service providers to serve independently. For more information, please visit http://ir.jianpu.ai.

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