JBL Tour One Review Deleting voice with natural sounds

It may be a little difficult for a product to now have a ‘Tour’ in its name, but surprisingly JBL Tour One came up for review for the second time in the last two years just a few days before my next trip. Yes, as the name implies, JBL Tour One is clearly a headset intended for people who love music and loneliness.

JBL Tour One has a classic noise-canceling headset with soft earbuds fully wrapped around your ears, adjustable head straps and folded arms to remove the clutter in the suitcase. Headphones have a button on the left to adjust the noise cancellation to Ambient Aware and standard modes. All of these buttons can be customized using the My JBL app. There is also a voice assistant and you can use the native device on your device or Alexa. I’m stuck with using Siri and it works fine.

The headphones are comfortable and do not heat up for long hours, even in bright Kerala weather. The whole unit is not too heavy and you will not feel tired after a long stay with the headphones.

The headphones on the JBL Tour One are comfortable and do not heat up for long hours. (Image Credit Deported Nandagopal Rajan / India Express)

I was wearing the JBL Tour One on a flight to Kerala and the activation was very effective on the morning flight. I fell asleep within a few minutes. There is good manners for people like me who wear headphones that make noise on long flights. The smart alarm app allows you to select the time to play music before you turn off the audio for sleep and wakes you up after sleep. Great for those who often travel long distances.

But I did not have such an opportunity on a flight to Diego. Surprisingly, thanks to Talk Phone mode, I can start a conversation by gently tapping the headset and unplugging the headset. This JBL is an amazing model as it is the first sound cancellation model.

JBL Tour One review, JBL Tour One review, JBL Tour One Mike, The JBL Tour One has one of the best microphone systems in the region, making your voice louder and clearer. (Image Credit Deported Nandagopal Rajan / India Express)

Since these are JB headphones, I had high expectations when it came to audio capabilities. And I did not give up. The JBL Tour One music has a very natural, neutral audio profile as it was recorded without unnecessary bass or editing. By listening to Garrett Cato’s ‘Drug Stores’ you will enjoy the soft sounds of background music just to amplify and not drown it out.

With the intricacies of ‘Better Life’, such as Joshua Radin, I put the guitar and the sound on the stage, noticing the balance these headphones provide. This is rich and layered, providing the right breathing space for all channels to come into play.

Then when you switch from Kurup to ‘Patatira Kalam’, it shows that the headset can be raised when needed and easily. It has the right bus size by mixing high and low places to take your listening experience to a new level.

JBL Tour One, JBL Tour One Review, My JBL App, The smart alarm on the My JBL app lets you choose how long to play music before turning off the audio, along with some presets. (Screenshot – Nandagopal Rajan / India Express)

The app offers the ability to save some presets and your own preferences. However, it is very basic for users not to complicate life. The battery lasts a full week and can charge more than 50 percent in 15 minutes. However, even when you turn off the JBL Tour One, it stays connected to the phone and before I could do that I lost juice on both the phone and the headset. You can set a timeout option on the app and I have chosen 15 minutes to save as much battery as possible.

And don’t think that JBL Tour One is too versatile to work from home. In fact, it has one of the best microphone systems in the region. This means that your calls will be heard louder and clearer. And you end up hearing too much.

Rs 24,999 JBL Tour One is clearly priced for the most discerning audio users. There are many options in this price range, and JBL Tour One offers all of them some tough competition with its natural sound profile, versatile features and reliable sound cancellation. JBL is making its way to the soundtrack.


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