Japan SoftBank Stops Weed Sales, IPO Plans

TOKYO (AP) – Japanese technology investor Softbank announced on Tuesday that British semiconductor and software design company Arm had failed to sell its chip to US chip maker Nvidi.

Softbank Group Corporation announced on Tuesday that it was planning to launch the first public offering after the sale of NVD failed due to regulatory issues. IPO says it will have some time in the fiscal year ending March 2023.

René Hassan Simon Segars, a veteran of the semiconductor industry, has been elected as the new CEO of Armament.

Has said: “We have been uncertain for the past several months, and we are strongly encouraged to move on to a growth strategy and change lives around the world again.

Softbank profits fell 98 percent in the quarter to December due to declining investment prices.

Net profit reached 29 billion yen ($ 252 million) in the third quarter of the fiscal year, down 1.17 trillion yen from last year, the company said.

The software acquired by Softbank in 2016 is a leader in Artificial Intelligence, IOTT, Cloud, Meters and Automation, and sales and profits have been growing in recent years. The semiconductor design is widely licensed and used in all smartphones, most tablets and digital TVs.

In addition to debugging, SoftBank is a subsidiary of various technology companies such as Softbank’s mobile service provider, Yahoo web service provider, giant Chinese e-commerce Alibaba and vehicle rental company DD. It is also involved in other international investors, such as SoftBank Vision Fund.

As a result, the financial consequences are complex and varied. Softbank has acquired and sold all US businesses through Office Sharing, Virtual Worker, robotics company Boston Dynamics, mobile service provider Uber and mobile service provider Sprint.

Masayoshi Son, founder and CEO of Softbank, one of the most famous textile-to-wealth successes in the Japanese business world, has repeatedly said that his decisions have long been effective. A graduate of the University of Berkeley in California, he established the Internet decades ago.


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