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Japan’s astronaut ispace has announced the design of its third lunar module starting in 2024. The company claims that the next-generation lunar module, called Series 2, will be able to survive the lunar eclipse nights.

N Lander Also, the capacity and size of the installation is greater than the initial landing. The new vehicle can carry up to 2,000 kilograms on a lunar surface or up to 500 kilograms.

ispace series february lander. Credit: ispace

Series 2 includes multiple payloads and advanced control, navigation and control (GNC) systems to secure their anchor along the way. They can land on both distant and lunar distances, including polar regions.

ISPES has already announced that it will send a drone to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2022. Mission United Arab Emirates to bring Rashid Rover to the moon.

ISPs announces the completion of 2 consecutive initial design reviews. “We are not only improving our capabilities, but also providing greater access and opportunities for our customers,” said Hakamada Tashi, founder and CEO of Espes.

He said he had a start It has risen to an estimated $ 46 billion from the C series of financial support To support the company’s second and third lunar missions. We work with Canadian companies Starst, University of Technology Sydney, Australia and Explorer Space Technologies to develop a lunar resource rover with mixed reality and robotic arm capabilities.

Last year, the company announced a new information platform, “Business”.Blueprint Moon“The company collects monthly data and applies it to other institutions, companies and research institutions for future mission development.

According to ISPES, this initiative will be announced in the next few years by protecting the lunar movement and human existence.

Japan launches Ispes to launch new technology news in 2024, Firstpostpost announces New Moon Lander

Source: Japan launches Ispace 2024-Technology News, Firstpostpost announces new moon Lander

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