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INDIANAPOLIS (Indiana Business – Ivy Tech University is expanding its partnership with Martin University last year to address the growth of minority students to overcome racial disparities.

“I am honored to share many common goals at Martin University and Ivy Tech and to serve many similar students, continue to contribute to the growing partnership and help pave the way for the next set of startups. And innovations, ”said Kolb.

The Ivy Tech program was launched in December 2020 and focuses on helping students meet academic goals and helping employers employ more diverse workforce.

Both schools say the program focuses on information technology. Martin University plans to create a new cyber entrepreneurship program aimed at increasing IT access for minorities. Ivy Tech says the new program will be combined with a NSA-certified cybersecurity degree. Ivy Tech students who complete the cyber security standard are guaranteed to enter the Martin program.

The Martin Race Equality and Inclusion Center also plans to provide training opportunities for staff, teachers, and students through lectures, seminars, and counseling sessions.

“Ivy Tech is proud of our full and strong partnership with Martin University. This partnership will provide cross-institutional leadership to Dr. Marcus Kolb, who is engaged in this partnership so that we can achieve the promised academic and professional equality results. ”

He said the two schools will work to increase the number of color teachers by providing admission to the Martin University School of Education, including scholarship opportunities for Ivy Tech students completing their primary and secondary education.

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