“It’s a system problem” Vehicle thieves use the radio signal to undo key faults

Car theft has always been a problem, but in recent years it has worsened, thanks to technology.

“It’s a systemic problem that we are seeing not only in Bari but in the whole district,” said Barry Police Constance. Kira Brooks.

Police say the thieves were using a radio signal from a key fob to dismantle the vehicle’s computer system.

“We believe the theft of these motor vehicles is an organized crime.

According to Constable, 26 cars were stolen this year alone.

We’ve seen a lot of Dodge Ram [and] The F150s were recently stolen, ”she said.

On Thursday, Barry Police, Crime Stoppers and GardaWorld Security Service hosted a community outreach event for local team Tim Hortens.

They provide key phobic defenses to raise awareness among drivers.

Jason Liel, vice president of KYCS Special Markets, said:

“If we reduce crime in our community, it will be better for everyone. So it is very important that we keep those people informed,” said Tamar Spina, a board member at Crimestoppers Simcoe-Dufferin-Muskoka.

The Canadian Bureau of Investigation (IBC) says car theft in general has increased dramatically in Ontario. Since 2016, the IBC has reportedly stolen $ 250 million.

“If insurance companies continue to pay these rates on inquiries, the cost could go up, because as the claim grows, so does the cost of insurance,” said Anne Marie Thomas, ABC.

The police want to remind the public that their vehicles are locked, that the keys are carefully locked and that they do not leave any valuables in your car.

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