iQIYI combines content with technology to produce 260 new topics at 2021 iJOY Conference

Serving audiences with well-crafted stories and flawless user experience

The production capabilities of Chinese video platforms have grown significantly over the past few years, and the iQIYI show has seen great success in building series and producing original content in all genres. As Gong Yu pointed out at the conference, growing consumer demand requires constant innovation from platforms. Utilizing the changes and strengths in the industry, ICE will continue to create quality content for its audiences by partnering with top talent, capturing market opportunities and creating market diversity. The company has built more than 70 content studios and formed deep partnerships with filmmakers, artists and others in the entertainment industry. In addition to treating high-end and high-value content content, iQIYI produces interest-driven videos, providing a full selection to suit a variety of user needs.

iQIYI is committed to creating high quality content that grows with audiences. WANG Vivian exemplifies how IQIYI products, which have a variety of themes, including debates, rap and suspicious secrets, are inspiring young people today by keeping them as real life records. Also, iQIYI has also become a trending trend in popular culture China. While trends may change, ‘IQIYI remains committed to providing users with high quality, value-added content.

Meanwhile, iQIYI is exploring the future of entertainment by enriching its IP assets and innovative technology. As the technology and investor communities increasingly evolved as concepts and NFT, iQIYI failed to accept the metaphysics and its implications. For example, iQIYI is a 9X-City Extended (XR) concert, backed by the best XR technologies that bring great immersion and real-time interaction between ’99 ‘and their fans.

The President of the Professional Content Business Group (PCG) and iQIYI WANG Xiaohui, Content Officer, emphasized: Transfer to another world. At the conference, iQIYI unveiled two IPs that are still in use: the ancient Chinese city universe and the “lighted” universe, the former focusing on traditional Chinese folklore and the second featuring interesting stories. In order to create a new kind of relationship between viewers and content, the two new worlds use cross-border technology to create interactions between characters, scenes and stories. Not only viewers, but also viewers will be involved in storytelling and content creation.

Release 260 new titles to catch the singer

High-quality, value-added content enriches viewers’ experiences and drives consumption. iQIYI will continue to use high quality content to facilitate bilateral interaction between young people and the various brands promoting iQIYI. During the conference, IIKI released 260 new titles, including a variety of shows, dramas, films, children’s content, animation, documentary, sports, and more. High quality in type and quality, the new content ensures a stable supply of materials for sponsored brands.

IQIYI special shows aim to grow with their audience. WANG Vivian added, “While different types of iQIYI echo the real lives of young people, they encourage the younger generation to believe in their goals and live the life they want.” With titles Super Draft Display, Action!, I can BB 8, Fourth 3, Dynamic Singer, The Rap China 2022 And Music Campus, iQIYI is about to launch a series of shows that reflect the needs and lifestyle of young people. Such as suspension types The Adventures of the Investigators2 And Shark Game 2 Develop technology and enable young people to participate online in a variety of ways. as such Mr. Homework 4, Be with you 2, Yes, I do 3, And Working mother 2, Provide photographs of young people in various stages of life.

iQIYI also launched four types of C-dramas: Poetry, Hero, History and Romance. Dedicated to observance Chinese History and Heroes, launches dramas including iQIYI Lifelong journey, Life a A long quiet river, Love break 2, Piercing the dark, Indestructible love, The wind blows from Longzi, Eternal love. In a series, it introduces a suspicious franchise “turn on the light.” Tent, Wise, Who is the killer, And Gold Paning, Telling interesting stories by combining romantic elements, adventures and more. Meanwhile, bringing users laughter and joy, ‘Laughter On’ brings together a series of popular local comedians and gifts. De Yun Theater and The Comic Bang, Emergency Physicians, And Lord of the Plaintiffs. iQIYI also shows the quality of C-drama along with other scenes like “Sweet On”.

IQIYI aims to continue working with related products to continue creating high-quality content that captures the emotions, experiences and lifestyles of young people as well as current cultural trends. As IQIYI continues to have better viewing experiences, the company hopes to add value to the industry supply chain, create value resonance with various brands and achieve long-term joint successes.

About iQIYI, Inc.

iQIYI, Inc. It is an online entertainment service that leads the creative market China. His enterprise DNA combines creativity with technology, which fosters sustained innovation and blockbuster content production. The iQIYI forum showcases the most popular original content, as well as other professional product content, partner-generated content and user-generated content. The company distinguishes itself from the leading technology platform in the online entertainment industry, led by advanced vision, data analytics and other proprietary technologies. iQIYI attracts a large number of users on the basis of user engagement and has developed a variety of revenue generation models, including membership services, online advertising services, content distribution, live streaming, online games, IP licenses and online articles.

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