Investors are buying the “excellent” Silicon Valley technology complex for $ 357.6 million

Mountain View – The “Excellent” Mountain Vision Technical Campus in the bright Silicon Technology Center was purchased by a consortium of veteran real estate companies.

Documents filed on July 15 by the Santa Clara County Records show that TGG partners and Goldman Sachs Real Estate Partnership bought a five-story office building on Ellis Street for $ 357.6 million.

NortonLifeLock, formerly known as Cementtech, is a Texas-based Titan with all five buildings: a cash deal for ATM. And showcased the county records sold by the owner of Ellis Street to Goldman Sachs.

“TGG is the best-in-class silicon strategy for our portfolio and manpower in this market,” said Ben Cochalsky, a San Francisco-based real estate and regional partner. Development Company.

The five buildings purchased were owned by Norton Lee IfeLock. Presented as a group for sale in January 2020, it was part of a portfolio of 10 buildings on Mount View section of Ellis Street.

Norton Lee IfeLock wanted to sell the entire portfolio at once, but instead began selling the 10 buildings in separate pieces.

Linn April 2021 The Bay Area Altewave and New York City real estate investor Angelo Gordon and Co. pay $ 100.5 million for the two buildings in Mount Vienna for Norton Lee IfeLock.

Not yet sold: Contains old office, old offices and research buildings, as well as data center on 455, 487 and 501 E. Midfield Field. These three buildings total a total of 128,000 square feet[128,000 sq m].

The five buildings purchased this week by TGG and Goldman Sachs are considered to be the most attractive part of the 10-story portfolio, according to a brochure distributed by Kushman and Wakefield Commercial Real Estate in 2020. Selling the property in the name of Norton Lee IfeLock.

According to the brochure, “The cornerstone of the portfolio” is the headquarters of the “good” five-story building on Ellis Street.

The hall has recently been renovated, and the Kusman and Wakefield field brochures provide valuable facilities for today’s technology companies. Renovation of the entrance hall cost $ 22 million.

Campus facilities include open work areas, spacious meeting and meeting rooms, kitchen and lounge on each floor, and a collaborative space.

The technology campus also includes nearby utility buildings


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