Investments in technology are crucial for the future, said the director of innovation

Effective national technology strategy requires investing in critical and new technologies, said Director of Defense Innovation Unit.

Michael Brown spoke today at the New American Security Center.

He said the United States should continue to lead in areas such as quantum computing, micro electronics, artificial intelligence, semiconductors and aerospace. “This requires a national statement that we want to be a leader in these technologies and that we need to invest in basic research.”

After the Cold War, federally funded research and development declined rapidly. A.D. In the 1960s, 2% of GDP went to research and development. But now it is 0.35%.

Meanwhile, he said, China has created a huge gap in the number of engineers graduating in connection with the United States.

In the US, capital markets offer the shortest performance metrics. “We’re not building the kind of national capacity we want in that short-term nature,” Brown said.

Competition, on the other hand, is good and allows the US to have such a thriving economy.

Brown noted the importance of sharing critical technologies with partners and eliminating duplicate research.

Capacity management is also provided.

“What we are working on to bring technology talents to the department is not enough to withstand the test,” he said.
There are several fellowship programs in the department. One is sponsored by the DIU: Technology and National Security Alliance Program.

However, the number of such programs does not meet the needs. “The successes here are very small compared to what we want for the future,” he said.

In the Silicon Valley, where Brown Diu is headquartered, he said refugees have played a key role in the growth of major companies.

The Department of Defense must attract the best possible capacity from within the Department, from partners, partners and refugees.

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