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Engineers have been moving the world for the past year and a half, and now is the time to celebrate their achievements. Next Wednesday, October 13th Calculation In London, Waldoff Hilton hosts the Digital Technology Awards. The finalists are preparing for an unforgettable night.

Zurich Insurance Great place to work digitally: large organizations He met with Astayer Robertson, who is in charge of further improvements and automation, to discuss how the company had arrived and plans for the coming year.

Calculation: Please tell us about Zurich Insurance.

Aristotle Robertson: Zurich, UK, offers a wide range of non-life and life insurance products to individual and corporate clients. We offer private, commercial and municipal insurance through a number of distribution channels and offer a variety of protection policies through online, retail financial advisors and enterprise marketing consultants. Zurich employs approximately 4,500 people in the United Kingdom and is headquartered in Birmingham, Fernara, Glasgow, London, Windon and Whiteley.

CTG: How is it different from other people?

R.: We are an insurance company that uses technology for the benefit of our customers and employees. This is what our customers expect. What sets Zurich apart from other companies is the speed and scale of how we develop our thinking in a market that is often considered stable, slow and sealed.

We are a huge international insurance company, and we have been able to make a difference in a short period of time. We have made technological and social changes, influenced our business and others, and used them to create opportunities. This includes investing in existing staff and subsequent new career and career choices. We are committed to helping people with these changes. Our in-house automation academy is one example, giving everyone in the company the opportunity to work with technology and learn new skills. Second, this approach allows you to incorporate new skills into many features.

CTG: What has the company been most proud of over the past 12 months?

R.: I’m really proud to be the finalist for this amazing award. I think this reflects business diligence and a positive culture. At the same time, we are proud of the evolution of the Automotive Academy. This makes it easier to build and implement the most important automated solutions that will help us better serve our customers.

Since its inception, the pipeline has had many processes, running hundreds of processes automatically. Instead of sending paper or envelopes, they helped speed up payments for customers, collect policy documents, and quickly discuss important changes. Above all, we took our staff and culture along the way. It shows that automation is not something to be feared, but something that can be given to everyone. We have changed the career path of many and trained people with new skills that they used to “buy” in the past. We want a sustainable and efficient organization to make our customers a fun place that can be fully served and served by all.

CTG: What are you doing this year?

R.: This year we will focus on expanding the concept of this academy and developing our business capabilities to use not only automation but also a variety of new tools. By re-training and retraining our employees who know our customers better than anyone, we can benefit more from both our technical insurance knowledge and the latest technology. This provides strong partnerships and benefits for our customers. We work with governments and shadow government agencies in many ways, including ethical AI and responsible automation.

CTG: Why are events such as Digital Technology Leadership Awards so important to the IT industry?

R.: Such events are a great way to show the existing shifts we are currently experiencing and working on. While automation is a threat to people’s work and lives, it really creates new opportunities and skills for those who want to travel.

The Digital Technology Leaders Award will be held next week. Book your place now.

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