Intelligence technology in society, journalists always look at: America in Pegasus

Although India has no specific knowledge of the Pegasus mockery, it has stated that the United States is “illegally” spying on civil society, government critics and journalists.

The use of Pegasus software to spy on politicians, journalists, human rights activists and others in many countries, including India, has raised issues of privacy.

Politicians, activists and journalists are among those affected by the phone spyware sold by Israeli government NSO Group Technologies to various governments, according to the International Media Coalition.

Dean Thompson, Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, told a news conference: “The use of such technology against civil society or by critics, journalists, or the like is a matter of course.” Here Friday.

More than 300 verified mobile phone numbers More than 40 journalists, three opposition leaders and more than 300 businessmen and activists in India, more than 300 certified mobile phone numbers could be hacked by Pegasus Spyware, the world’s media reported Sunday.

Attempts are being made to “damage” India’s democracy by dismissing allegations in connection with the Pegasus slide on Monday.

Information Technology Minister Ashwini Vishnaw said illegal control is not possible under the country’s laws through checks and balances. On July 18, 2021, the press reports appear to be an attempt to undermine India’s democracy and well-established institutions, ā€¯Vishnau told parliament.

“India has a protocol in place when it comes to monitoring. … There is no such thing as illegal monitoring in our constitution and in the balance between our strong institutions,” he said.

State Minister for Foreign Affairs Menakshi Leki said on Thursday that the allegations through Israeli spyware Pegasus were “fabricated, fabricated and unsubstantiated” and that news reports based on it were “defamatory.”

Asked about the Pegasus snooze in India, Thompson said:

We – I do not have a special understanding of India.

“I know this is a big issue, but I think I’m trying to find ways for companies to make sure they don’t use this kind of technology. And we will definitely continue to push these issues,” he said.


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