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Instagram is ready to add new stickers to the story section. This allows users to add links to stories by replacing the swipe link option to redirect their followers to external web pages. right now.

Instagram story link stickers will be coming soon

A new Instagram story sticker will be available from August 30th. Users who currently have access to the slider feature can access stickers and add links to the story.

This information was obtained by app researcher Jane Manchu Wong. However, Instagram has not yet released official details.

This feature is available to Instagram account holders and creators for those who have a verified account or who have an approved follow-up threshold (10,000 or more followers). However, there is no indication that this feature is available to the general public. That said, Instagram has the potential to extend this functionality to more users. To do this you need to make sure you do not abuse the ability to add links to spread spam, false information or unwanted content.

Link stickers are available in addition to existing stickers such as preferences, music, captions, locations and GIFs. Like any other sticker, users can make changes to the link sticker and change the way the story appears. Users can respond and comment on stories with links. Swipe the link up Facebook And even above Snapchat..

Instagram will soon introduce user stickers to add links: Technology News, Firstpost

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