Instagram may soon allow you to prioritize posts over your ‘favorites’.

Facebook, a social media platform, is experimenting with a new feature that allows users to identify other users as their favorites.

According to Verge, favorites allow users to categorize their most important Instagram accounts (friends and creator) as their priorities, so the posts marked with these tags allow them to “top up” in the user’s feed.

Mobile developer Alessandro Palusizi shared the new feature on Twitter for the first time.

This feature seems to be well-known, as Instagram was experimenting with unique favorites in 2017, which allows users to limit the right audience for each post.

For example, a person may share a wedding photo with only his or her loved ones.

However, the 2021 favorites are about giving more control over your diet by telling Instagram which tags are most important to you.

Users generally follow different brands and creators on their accounts, but do not prioritize their content to the same level as their close friends and family.

According to the company’s June 2021 blog post about the algorithm, such as Instagram’s most recent and shared posts from people you currently follow, and how to engage with other “symbols” as a post.

While you can “like” many of the posts you see, those may not be the content you really want, but they can send all the wrong signals to Instagram that you really want to see in your feed.

According to The Verge, this favorite feature is generally official or may not change before it is widely published.

Meanwhile, users can see this feature in their account menu, under “Close Friends”, which allows them to control who they share your stories with.


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