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Instagram If you do not already have an iPad app and want to get it right away, at least not soon. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has said he has no plans to release the iPad app any time soon. During the Q&A session, Mossley explained this by answering questions about the location of the iPad app. He said, “I spent some time on the iPad because I was on a plane, but I still don’t have an iPad app for Instagram. I did not cut it. “

IPad users can now use the web version of Instagram or the iOS app.

in the meantime Instagram I think this is a good idea. I really didn’t work on this, and I don’t know if that will happen. You can do a lot with the iPad-specific app, so the iPad feels a little weird. However, it helps to improve usability.

Nowadays, iPad users can also use it Instagram Web version or iOS app. This is not optimized according to the iPad and therefore interferes with the user experience. Plus, people still can’t post on the iPad via the Instagram web version.

Remember, Instagram recently introduced the ability to post on the web. This feature only works for Windows and macOS users.

But there is some good news. iPadOS 15 comes with a feature that allows users to run iOS apps in landscape mode. This will be useful for people until Instagram decides to launch an app for the iPad.

It is not yet clear if Instagram plans to promote the iPad app.

Instagram’s iPad app will not be released anytime soon, according to the company’s CEO, Technology News and Festpost.

Source link: Instagram’s iPad app, “I’d like to do it” will not be released anytime soon, the company’s chief executive, Technology News and Forspost confirmed.

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