InRule Technology® Improves Collaboration and Communication for Automated Decisions Decision Modeling and Note Support (DMN)

Chicago- (Business Wire) -InRule technology®, A leading platform for automating mission-critical business decisions, announced today that it supports decision-making models and notesTM, A widely accepted standard issued by the Management Team® (My Creator®), Global, open membership, non-profit technology combination.

DMA model for irAuthor® It is a decision-making tool that allows users to create, edit, import, and export decision-making designs. The device serves as a canvas that allows users to add and change decision criteria in a visual representation that can be easily understood by technically competent users.

“Accelerating Digital Acceleration, InRule Technology” It is important to purchase from all stakeholders involved in digital transformation and decision automation projects as business speeds increase and technology ROI is more controlled, “he said. By achieving this well-established standard, the DMN model for irAuthor develops communication between teams, accelerates change cycles to improve living time, and ultimately helps organizations realize the value of their investment in InRule.

On Tuesday, October 19, InRule will host a webcast on InRule Technology for real-world usage issues and how the standard can be used to build decision-making automation and digital transformation projects. The session, titled DMN + InRule: The perfect way to draw automated decisions, As well as how to use consensus on the basics of DMN and the level of automation decisions and the desired results.

About InRule Technology

InRule technology allows enterprises to understand and automate decisions with unparalleled speed, efficiency, accuracy and transparency. IT and business staff rely on InRule’s decision-making platform to increase productivity, revenue and customer service. In the “Author’s First” approach, InRule technical and business rules empower authors to write and manage rules. InRule enables organizations to make decisions anywhere with high flexibility and scale, whether in service or in the process, in a container or offline mobile app. More than 400 members of the InRule user community in 40 countries rely on InRule to reduce development and change cycles by 90 percent for their development-critical systems and customer-oriented applications. InRule has been providing measurable business, and IT products have been in high-performance environments since 2002. For more information, visit

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