In the news, Lisa Davis talks about Forbes Technology and the epidemic in health care.

Lisa Davis, head of information at California Blue Shield, told Forbes Peter how they made a difference in technology and the epidemic. Davis also explained how she works with internal systems and describes her own erroneous shipping experience – she joined the company before the areas closed due to COVID-19.

Davis has seen the epidemic for the past 16 months as an amazing driver of innovation and change. For example, she cited Davis’ focus on Tele Health and the company’s growth during the epidemic. “Before the epidemic, there was a lot of confusion and belief that Tele Health was unwanted by consumers and was not taken or used by our members,” Davis said. “Of course, the epidemic is the opposite. Telegraphs grew by about 500%. We are seeing better health results, and [in many cases] Our members prefer television appointments rather than going to the office. ”

Davis also notes that the health care system in the United States has historically been an area of ​​general health. The epidemic underscores the need to work more closely to serve the healthcare ecosystem of patients. Davis cites Blue Shield as an example. Imagine an experience where suppliers, members, and payers get the same information; “We are making decisions that benefit the members or the patient because all providers share information from one electronic health information,” he said. “[We aim to make] Based on decisions [information that is] Universal and personalized for that member ”

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