If you want it to last, make sure you give these tests to your technology

You will notice oil changes from time to time, and remember – even if it is late – to change your AC filter from time to time. Life is full of maintenance, and our technology should not be different.

When you deposit hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars into a gadget, you want it to last. That means some simple repairs to your phone to keep your ports clear, your screen safe and your phone hardware solidified. Tap or click here to get my guide on how to make your smartphone as new, internal and external.

Sadly true all of them Your technology is probably a little cruel. It is not difficult to clean it; You need to know the best ways to do this to keep your screens from getting worse. Tap or click the steps to make your keyboard, screens, mouse, headphones and more blink.

If you want your gadgets to last, it’s important to find and fix problems early. It’s easier than you think.

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1. Know the symptoms of malware and viruses

Sorry for the inconvenience to you, iPhone users. Your phone is not free of viruses. Of course, the app store is generally a bit tighter than the Google Play Store, but they are not completely safe from malware and smart cyber criminals. This is especially true if your phone is in jail.

Malware may be to blame if you feel a slight sensation in your iPhone or Android smartphone. Here are some signs to look out for

  • An unknown increase in data usage
  • Apps are frequently disabled
  • The battery is running faster than normal
  • Excessive pop-ups
  • Apps on your phone do not remember downloading
  • Delay or general slow performance
  • Your phone is hot to touch even when you are not using it

If you have an iPhone, there are several steps you can take to eliminate malware. Sometimes deleting an annoying app is enough. You may need to wipe your phone completely.

Make sure you back up your contacts, photos, videos, and everything else before you do. Tap or click to take steps to remove viruses from your iPhone or iPad.

If you have a Samsung phone, scan it using the pre-installed Smart Manager. This app allows you to check your battery usage, storage and memory. It can also scan your phone for malicious software and block phishing attacks and malicious websites. To use it, open the Smart Manager from the Apps screen, tap Device security, Then Scan tool.

Keep your best bet on your phone up to date to avoid any attempts to install malicious software.

2. How is your battery healthy?

Bad habits die hard, and you may have to say goodbye to your phone constantly or always find yourself on a 1% battery.

If you are a person who is constantly dying or has a dead battery, it is important to make sure that it is not a bad thing but bad charging habits.

On your iPhone, go to Settings > Battery > Battery health. This screen shows you the maximum battery capacity and maximum performance. If your phone is old, your capacity will be less than 100%. You will receive a notification if your battery health is severely damaged.

For more details, see my favorite app, Coconut Battery. Click or click the link to download and more iPhone battery tips.

You also need to turn on the optimized charger. go to Settings > Battery > Battery health > Optimized charger And make sure it is enabled. This will reduce the time it takes to fully charge your battery. It also takes into account your charging habits and does not charge 80% of the past unless you want to.

You can use a page or a third-party app through the settings on your Android phone to get the same report. For my preference, tap or click AccuBattery to get a direct link.

Then make sure you enable the correct settings to keep your battery healthy.

If you have a Samsung phone, go to Settings > Device maintenance > Optimize now > Battery. On Google Pixel phones, go to Settings > Battery And turn it on Suitable battery.

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A few charging rules

  • Do not place your phone under a blanket or pillow at night.
  • Avoid the cheapest charging cables. At best, they do not last long. Worse, they are a fire hazard.
  • If you wake up at night and see that your phone is fully charged, unplug it. It doesn’t make a big difference, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

3. Investigate phone hardware issues

If the malware is faulty and your battery is good, try to diagnose any other smartphone issues.

You need a third-party app for iPhones. TesM is a popular diagnostic application that performs more than 20 tests on your phone, including cameras, touch screens, speakers, gyroscopes, speedometer, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, cellular, light sensor, charger and more.

Most tests require actions such as drawing on the screen or testing your microphone. When you are done, you will receive a full report on the health of various parts of your phone.

You can also get TestM from the Google Play Store for your Android phone. Phone checking and testing is another option. Performs tests on mobile phone, Wi-Fi, display, touch screen, GPS, audio, camera, sensors, storage, memory, CPU and battery on your Android phone – just like TestM.

4. Analyze your laptop battery

Like your phone battery, it needs proper care to last for years on your laptop.

This requires a few steps on a Windows laptop. Stick with me. You need to create the report first.

  • Search for PowerShell In the lower left search box in Windows.
  • You will see it in the menu that opens Windows PowerShell. Right-click and select Run as an administrator. You need to allow PowerShell to make changes to your PC.
  • Once opened, copy or type the following command powercfg / batteryreport / output “C: battery-report.html” Then hit log on.
  • You will see a message in PowerShell where the report is stored. In most cases it will be a C drive.

Next, take these steps to view the report

  • Type Windows File Browser In the search box at the bottom left of Windows to access the C drive.
  • You should see a labeled file Battery-report.html. Double-click the file To open.
  • The report lists the health of your laptop battery and how long it can last.

If you have a MacBook, follow these simple steps

  • Hold on Optional key And click Apple menu.
  • Select On System information.
  • Scroll down Hardware > Power > Cycle counting.
  • Your battery performance will be low when you are close to 1,000 cycles.

For more information on your MacBook battery, try the Coconut Battery connected above in Step 2.

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Apple’s new iPhone 6 is not an acceptable currency in Buddhist temples.

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5. Also check your computer hardware

Fortunately, doing tests on your Mac and PC is more direct than doing it on your smartphone. Computers come with built-in tools that are easy to use.

Windows 10 has a performance app that can detect and diagnose problems on your PC.

  • Click Home menu And search Performance Monitor. Give it some time to collect the data.
  • On the left, click Reports > System > System diagnostics > [Computer Name] To test your system hardware.

Windows Memory Diagnostics performs memory testing on RAM. This could be your fault if your computer is damaged or slow. Press Windows + R Type to find the running window mdsched.exe And hit log on To test your RAM. To do this you need to restart your computer.

Apple Diagnostics tests your Mac for hardware problems. The device provides suggestions for repairs and can connect you to technical support.

Shut down your Mac first, then disconnect all external devices except the keyboard, mouse, display, Ethernet connection (if you have one) and power connection.

If your Mac is really new, it may have an Apple Silicon processor rather than an Intel one. Use this Mac to decide which one you have.

If you have an Apple silicone chip

  • When your Mac is on, press and hold the power key.
  • When you see the Home Options window, release the button.
  • Press Order-d On your keyboard.

For Intel-based Macs:

  • Turn on your Mac and press and hold it D key When your Mac starts.
  • Release the button when you see the progress bar or when asked to select a language.

Wait for the test to complete, then check the results.

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