ICTC: Technology Center hosts Indiana County Commissioners

Indiana County Technology Center hosted Indiana County Commissioners Robin Gorman, Michael Keith and Shrene Hess on October 7.

The commissioners were briefed on the latest developments in the school and on campus. Two ICC students had the opportunity to sit down and interview each commissioner. Gorman asked her what she thought about the ICTC.

“It’s amazing to see all the great work going on here. There is a positive connection about it, ”she said.

Kate ICTC was asked how it helps the surrounding communities. His response confirmed the need for vocational and technical education in our community and beyond: “The farther we go from such education, the more we have to rely on other countries to produce these products.”

The general question of what programs should be included in the ICTC was open to all commissioners.

Hess’s first contribution was: “I think something is related to agriculture and technology because agriculture is becoming technical. Food systems, all of which are certainly related to technology, are robotics.

“Agriculture is Pennsylvania’s number one industry to extend it,” Keith Hess continued. I understand that there are programs like 4-H and FF, but again they are really limited to those who participate in the experience.

Gorman also extended the idea of ​​an agricultural program, but said, “I want to put another program on the table and that is aviation.” Gorman helped establish contact with Jimmy Stewart Airport.

ICC students also shared what the commissioners thought about campus development. The commissioners expressed satisfaction and admiration for the progress made on the campus – including the Westmorland County Community College Building and the Indiana Conservation District’s new building.

“Opportunities are really expanding; We are struggling to meet his needs. It’s nice to be in that position. ”

By ICT. Students and staff appreciate the time spent by Gourman, Keith and Hess to visit and visit the facilities.


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