“I think bulls – T”

In the 400-meter hurdles at the Tokyo Olympics, Norway’s Carston Warhol was also not a world-record track star.

Warhol also raised the issue of American athlete Ry Benjamin’s shoes at the Olympics. Benjamin was wearing a Nike Air Zoom Dragon Fly. The sneaker comes with a thick board of Pebah foam. According to the UK Independent, the shoes are expected to add a mileage of 1-3 seconds per mile.

Warhol also hit the runner’s shoes with “bulls-T,” the Guardian reported.

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“I don’t see why you should put anything under the winner’s shoes,” he said on Wednesday. “I can learn about pillows in the middle of the distance. If you want to make a pillow, you can put the mattress there.

To win the gold medal, Benjamin narrowly won and placed the new flag. He crossed the line at 45.94. Allison Dos Santos of Brazil won a bronze medal. Warhol also won the old mark in 0.76 seconds. He set the record last month.

Warlum also won her first Olympic medal. Before moving to Tokyo, he won gold medals at the World Championships, European Championships and European Indoor Championships.

He pointed out that the track is not the only thing that helps runners to run faster. Benjamin disagreed and thanked him for his wonderful time on the track.

Norway’s Carston Warhol breaks world record in 400 meters, Shop Short

“I have always said that there is no such thing as a race,” said Benjamin. But I think I have come to a perfect match. ”

Warhol also made his own personal shoes with a team from Pama and Mercedes Formula – but that’s different.

“Yes, we have a carbon plate. But we tried to keep it as thin as possible. Because that’s what I want to do. Of course, technology is always there. But I also want to keep it that way so that we can compare the results. “

Sebastian Co., president of the World Athletics Federation, was not sure if the track shoes would really make a difference. Like Benjamin, Koye gave his time for the track, not his shoes.

“I think we are the only ones in the creative world. I don’t want to stifle the innovation that shoe manufacturers bring to the table, ”said Scotttsman. “There is balance – there is balance. We have a system that reviews shoes.

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The principle I always try to maintain is a balanced playing field and I think we will reach a point where it is of no use in any brand you wear.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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