Hundreds of students participate in technology competitions

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According to Michel Zung, TSA correspondent at Richland High School Junior and Pennsylvania State TSA, the national organization expands students’ knowledge of STEM and other areas.

“Our organization needs to focus on STEM, but it also looks at how technology applies to every aspect of our lives,” she said.

She added that Region 8 is the largest TSA state in the state of Pennsylvania and is one of the most competitive areas for students at state and national level.

A total of 70 competitions were held between middle and high school students.

Among the categories students competed in were: speech competition, computer-assisted design, bringing children’s stories to life, and technology bowl students described as “technology geopard”. Pennsylvania State TSA Treasurer Rik Bhattacharyya, State High School Area Elder, said.

Braden Thomas, president of Region 8 and a senior student at Cambria Heights High School, believes that knowing something is a must-have.

“It’s a competitive spirit in all of us because we know we can move from nation to nation,” he said. Why the TSA loves it.

Region 8 Vice President Melanie Graco, Richland High School High, TSA has different opportunities for everyone.

“There’s interest in everyone in it,” Greko said. “Video editing. Fashion design. Science engineering. Speech stuff. There’s something for everyone, and beyond that we have great leadership opportunities for people.”

She says that she has been able to make friends in other ways.

“He allowed me to meet friends from the region. If it weren’t for TSA, we would go to the same school and I would not know anyone but Michelle. ” “So I know people I never knew were my closest friends because of this.”

Katie Smolen is a reporter with the Tribune-Democrat. Follow her on Twitter @ KSmolen1230.


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