Human Resources Technology News This week October 18-22

Microsoft CHRO shares its manpower advice, manpower application overload, finding answers in your employee information and other high-tech manpower stories of the week.

Manpower Technology of the Week The number of manpower deployed by organizations is growing and the complexity of the lives of employees and HR leaders is increasing. What contributed to this remarkable growth? As with the Saints Insights Group, it is important to support virtual manpower and to find the right solutions for contact search or employee health monitoring. Read more here.

From Microsoft CHRO 6 Human Resources Lessons As a software giant CHRO, Kathleen Hogan has helped make Microsoft’s culture one of the greatest success stories in recent history. She has tested the epidemic once in a lifetime, ensuring that the company’s 175,000 employees are safe, healthy, productive and innovative. She helped many workers move to work remotely. She was called. HRE 2021 Human Resources Executive of the Year. Read more here.

Do you want real manpower change? View information and analysis Companies that are struggling to keep their promise to make a difference to their employees have a secret tool to do the work. Human resource leaders need to use this data to drive decision-making, gain insights, and make a meaningful difference. In addition, organizations must rely on that data to set goals for future acquisition and support for leaders and provide a context for the future. The information can shed light on the patterns and trends required for action to build trust with staff and resolve issues. Read more here.

Brooks Crisis: Are you developing staff to be successful in mixed, remote work? “There is a big blind spot for many organizations,” says expert Ben Brooks. A Significant section of staff He made it clear that he would resign if he was not offered a job. One-night stand, integrated models – and for some roles, remote work – have become as much as health insurance benefits for employees. Read more here.

4 ways to help your managers deal with employee burns Video and collaboration equipment allowed staff to work remotely during the outbreak but extended their working hours by more than the usual 9 to 5 working days. That is why responsible and respectful boundaries are more important than ever. HRE UpWork chief human rights officer Zoe Hart recently spoke about his vision of using the waiting time between video calls, corporate PTO and others to alleviate employee stress. Read more here.

Phil Albinus is Human Resources Tech Editor. HRE. He has covered personal and business technology for over 25 years and has served as editor and editor-in-chief for a number of financial services, business technology and employee benefits. He is a graduate of Sunni New Palts and lives in Hudson Valley with his wife, an audiologist, and three adult children. He can be reached at and follow him on Twitter @philalbinus.


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