Human Resources Technology News of the Week October 11 |

The role of artificial intelligence in HR operations, the new desktop-free workspace, the creation of great XN and more were among the best HR technology stories of the week.

This is how the classic CHRO shifted its focus to AI for the ‘common good’ The Allen Institute recently announced Tim Muligan as the first CHRO. The HR veteran says he is looking forward to working with the company’s AI research team to use AI to improve its internal workforce experiences. “I really enjoy that. I look forward to using improved AI in recruitment, boarding, training and other basic human resources. ” H.R.. Read more here.

Barsin – Now is the time to build a new, improved desk-free reality – While hybrid work is important, workers without a desktop have undergone tremendous changes in the work world. HR plays an important role in shaping the new reality for these 80% of the global workforce. Winning the war will depend on the experience of the desk staff, writes Bersin. Read more here.

How Chevron entered the HR data to touch a new talent Artificial Intelligence is helping the energy giant match the right candidates to the right roles — and he is a game-changer, ”said one recruiter. The first challenge was to find the right information in the various HR systems in Chevron so that the recruitment team could resume and better evaluate applications from outside and inside candidates. Read more here.

How do you define EX? Create a ‘nonprofit organization’: The devastating effects of the global epidemic have led many top executives to look to improve employee experience as central to their new work plans – but many HR leaders say they do not fully understand what the phrase means. Veteran Manpower Industry Analyst Josh Barsin. His latest report Microsoft outlines the basics of the new work experience, including how Microsoft handles EX today. Read more here.

What does World Mental Health Day mean to these top manpower leaders? Executives at Marriott, UpWork, and other organizations celebrated the day by talking about their own interests and those of their employees. Workers are battling fires and other issues and voting on foot – 4.3 million Americans have recently resigned. Nearly 2.9% of the workforce went out of business in August, up from 2.7% in July. Read more here.

Set the date for the 2022 HR Tech Virtual Conference The free, online event will be held March 1-4, 2022, and topics will include “Explaining and Driving a Purpose Culture”. The sessions and major ones examine employee experience, staff participation, and leadership. “The epidemic has become more important than ever by disrupting traditional work models, supporting human resource culture, community and performance,” said Jean Achile, chairman of the Guba chair. Read more here.

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