HR Technology News This Week: September 13-17

Take a look at the top 2021 manpower products, find out why MGM is playing a big role in VR, and read why HR technology is emerging among other top stories.

HR Tech and HR announce 2021 top manpower products: From DEI, Core HR, Staff Experience to Talent Acquisition and Management, H.R. This year’s Top Manufacturing Competition presents the winners. Not only are these innovations commendable but they also highlight the direction in which manpower technology is headed. Our panel of judges reviewed and finalized a list of 110 entries for live demonstrations before awarding 13 products to the HR in 2021. Read more here.

BERSIN – These are 2 interruptions that take the form of coaching Of The availability and use of coaching is high at all times, Thanks to the power of AI, skill taxes, online video and social media. Now, II-enabled solutions can bring you the power of coaches for every manager, leader and executive in your company and compare you to the right coach at an affordable price. Read more here.

3 Reasons Why You Need Care About New HRI Technology In the new book Introduction to HR Technologies, Sapient Research’s Stacey Harris urges manpower leaders to start thinking about future technologies and issues. Harris – Presenting about HR Tech Strategies for building flexible manpower systems– Manpower leaders need to pay attention to the wave of innovation that drives their path and be prepared for the impact it will have on their business. Read more here.

Virtual reality Is manpower the key to employee engagement, retention? When the COVID-19 lock was launched, MGM Resorts CHRO Laura Lee tried the VR solution strip and was impressed. So much so that she immediately chased her CEO and COO to upgrade the EX and to distribute new courses in certain sectors such as guest services. Read more here.

Why does this require a technological solution to engage manpower leaders? Donna Kimmel is a full-fledged digital workplace solutions provider for Citrix’s senior staff. By the time the outbreak was over, not only had she managed the huge manpower that had spread around the world, but she had also taken control of new recruits and their technological needs. At the same time, she is thinking seriously about her potential. Read more here.

Manpower Technical Number of the Day – Modern Consultant Monitoring – A new study of 1,400 companies on digital transformation projects is underway, with less than 20% of the companies participating in the study developing modern, digital manpower capabilities. Killing again And training, Counselor And training. Read more here.

HR Tech 2021 Signs of Continuity of Innovation in HR Technology Multiple winners from 2021 High Manpower Products A.D. Focus on helping organizations grow to achieve the goals of diversity, equality and inclusion that we know will be and will continue to be a priority for most HR leaders by 2021. Read more here.

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