HR Technology News This Week: August 9-13

Take a quick look at some of our high-tech stories to treat service professionals, such as software engineers, from exposure to ‘child care insecurity’.

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Why should you hire a service technician as a software engineer? Employers are rushing to hire nurses, drivers, food service workers and customer support agents, writes analyst Barsi. I see this as a wake-up call for companies everywhere. Now is the time to realize that service professionals are vital to business success. These employees should be treated with the same care and risk that software companies, digital marketers, product managers, and other high-tech professionals have. Read more.

What are the future HR technology jobs? The latest article provides over a year of research and consultation with nearly 100 CHROs, senior officers and gifted VPAs to create a vision of how the role of the workforce will change over the next decade. The authors and researchers use the information and ideas created in their data collection sessions to create the first list of 21 new manpower jobs, along with the responsibilities and skills needed to succeed in each new role. Read more.

HR Technology Number – Pichfest Award Money – The epidemic, along with the expected increase for DE&I and other shifts, is driving innovation in HR technology. That means the market is more crowded, more competitive and more exciting than ever. Those facts will be presented next month at the HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas, where 30 new innovative manpower technical solutions will be competed live in Pichfest. And the winner will walk away with a significant amount of cash. Read more.

Why do working women now want a “culture of addition”? As Delta alternatives and school-based obligations are debated across the country, working women with children are likely to face another “child care insecurity,” said Rendstad Rebecca Henderson. You have already taken the worst of the epidemic. Now employers need to focus on building flexibility at the center of employee policies. Henderson will provide further insights into the keynote address at the Women’s Technical Conference mit at the HR Technology Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas this fall. Read more.

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