HR Technology News This Week: August 2-6

Take a quick look at some of our top stories, from the most accessible AI training to the moment of TA ‘Pillar’.

How AI training is becoming more accessible: As companies across the industry compete for technology talent and global executives report gaps in their workforce, especially in areas such as data analysis, IT, and executive and talent management, Intel and Dell Technologies are partners in training the next generation of AI. . Talent, AI because all of these aspects of performance are growing. Read more.

HR Tech Conference 2021 – Improving long-distance passenger technology – Effective and compliant shipbuilding on a full-distance model provides a new series of solutions for HR, IT and business leaders – and will remain a critical need for HRI this year and beyond. Read more.

How do talented teams succeed in reaching this “critical, critical time”? “Every single enterprise is currently facing a crisis of capacity in every industry,” says Tim Sackett, president of and best-selling book author. Talent maintenance. And it will not be a short-term crisis, experts agree. Read more.

Recognize the difference between tech deployment and implementation: Recent data show that some employers are not happy with the new HCM. After applying the technology, they report any significant impact on the work experience. This is because the implementation lacks the strategic component of HR Tech Conference keynote speaker Jason Averbuk. Read more.

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