HR Technology News This Week: August 16-20

Take a quick look at some of our high-tech stories, from building staff experience, previewing HR Tech 2021 and introducing HRE’s new HR Tech editor.

meet up HIVThe new HR technology editor Veteran tech writer and editor Phil Albinus joins Human Resources Executive Staff to analyze what new technology can do for CHROs. He boasts more than a quarter of a century of personal and business technology experience and has spent three years covering staff benefits in his previous reporting and editing roles. As an HR technology editor, I am looking for the latest innovations that companies use to engage their employees, retain talent, and meet business needs.. ” Phil can be reached at and on Twitter @PhilAlbinus. Read more.

Forget EX Strategy Forget what you think they know about you HIV Column Ben Brooks, Coaching Forum PILOT Inc. Founder and CEO encourages employees to simplify how they think about employee experience. He often recommends sitting at the dinner table in view of this question – “How was your day at work?” In a live stream, Brooks said, “When an employee is asked that question, he thinks it is the right work experience. Read more.

HR Tech Conference calls for covac vaccines this year – The organizers of the HR Technology Conference and Exhibition, which aims to ensure the health and well-being of all participants, have announced that the CV-19 vaccines will be needed at a Las Vegas event next month. “After reviewing the current weather conditions, it is important to ask all HR Tech 2021 participants to show their COVID-19 vaccine certification to help everyone feel more comfortable at HR Tech and to provide more health care. ”Said the Guba team. The event will be held from September 28 to October 1 in Mandalay Bay. Read more.

HR Tech Conference 2021: Highlights of Sneak Peak Webburn R.Go back to work; Of The future of the work; Diversity, Equality and Inclusion; And Employee safety A.D. These are just a few of the highlights of HREC in 2021, according to the recently launched “Hidden Peak” website. Conference Chair Steve Boaz. Bosse detailed the participation of women in the HR Tech class at the Guba conference Rendestad Rebecca Henderson And Emily O. Oracle. Meanwhile, the HR Tech Expo will feature hundreds of HRI technology companies, dozens of technical talks, solution sessions and demonstration sessions. Read more.

HR Tech Number in HR: as such The world of talent management Considering the pace of the new workplace epidemic and development, it has continued to improve rapidly, with manpower leaders relying on technology to enable their companies to adapt their capabilities. Read more.

Phil Albinus is the editor of HR Tech HIV. He has been covering personal and business technology for 25 years and has been the Editor-in-Chief of several financial services, marketing technology and employee benefits. He is a graduate of Sunni New Palts and lives in the Hudson Valley with his audiologist wife and three adult children. He can be reached at and follow him on Twitter @philalbinus.


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