How to view, share and edit Instagram Play 2021 feature

Instagram is the latest social media platform to jump on the annual review trend. The app announced a new playback feature that allows users to stream their story over the past 12 months. Instagram Playback selects 10 stories for each user from the list of stories you post during the year. Users, however, can edit these stories and add / remove some to customize the list.

Once customized, playback can be shared with your friends through your story. The feature is expected to be popular with Instagram users who have had the opportunity to share their main stories since last year.

How to share your Instagram playback?

At the top of their feed you will see a message inviting Instagram users to watch the playback. Enter the Playback Customization page here and follow the on-screen instructions to get your own playback ready. See images below.

Users can select a maximum of 10 stories for 2021 playback. Users can add links, stickers, etc. to these old stories.

Here’s how to share your own Instagram playback. (Specify photo)

This is not the first time Instagram has launched a feature event at the end of the year. The app’s top nine photo grid was a popular addition to the platform released years ago. However, Instagram has since decided to officially include the feature in the coming years.

This allows many users to switch to third-party apps to create their own Instagram top-9 photo grid at the expense of sharing their data with these apps. These apps often create grids with watermarks that users cannot remove.

With the new Instagram playback feature, the platform has finally brought out a version of the top-nine feature. However, this time it is for stories, not posts. The replay feature is a temporary increase, and will probably disappear at the end of the year.


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