How to change media settings on WhatsApp on Android

WhatsApp allows you to change media settings for each chat. You can also change media settings for all conversations or turn off the auto-download option for chat. By default, when you download a media file, it will automatically be saved to your phone’s gallery, which may result in space shortages depending on the number of files you share on WhatsApp.

Media visibility option is on by default. This feature only affects the new media that has been downloaded on or off and does not work for older media. Read on to learn more about how to change media settings on WhatsApp.

How to download Auto Download on WhatsApp?

You can change that if you do not want WhatsApp to automatically download the photos or videos you received in the messaging app. One only needs to visit the Settings section and then skip to the ‘Storage & Data’ option.

There is an option called “When using mobile data”, tap on it and mark it on photos, audio, videos and documents. Once done, not all photos, videos, or other content will be downloaded automatically and you will need to tap on the download button.

This setting only works when you use your mobile data. If you want the same settings for Wi-Fi, you can disconnect everything in the ‘Connect to WiFi’ option.

How to change ‘Media Visibility’ settings for each conversation?

Even WhatsApp allows you to change media visibility settings for each conversation. If you do not want to view or chat photos or videos from a specific group, you can change that and save some storage space on your phone. Just go to anyone’s profile and you will see the Media Visibility option. Tap on it and check the “No” option.

How to view / change default media settings on WhatsApp?

If you want to keep the same media setting for all conversations, you can change that in the Settings section. Once you open the settings section, find ‘Conversations’ and tap on it. Then disable media visibility option.


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