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Experienced success comes with the use of rich chat management software to leverage these consumer-level tools to drive more efficient guest service, improve guest behavior, improve net advertiser results, and help hotel owners better understand their guests. ተጨማሪ ያንብቡ ግምገማ ከማስገባትዎ በፊት ይህን መተግበሪያ መጫን አለብዎት።

By Volara Founder and CEO David Berger – 9.27.2021

The demand for digital assistants in the classroom has continued to grow exponentially, not only because of their ability to maintain a safety-critical distance between hotel guests and staff, but also because of the need to avoid physical contact points in guest rooms and measure personal service with limited staff. These devices improve services by shortening waiting times, increasing accessibility, improving query accuracy, speeding up access for the right employee, and increasing satisfaction.

According to Cognizant in “The Road to 2025: Digital Age Hospitality”, hospitality-based hospitality will be a hallmark of hotel offerings by 2025. Experienced success comes with the use of rich chat management software to leverage these consumer-level tools to drive more efficient guest service, improve guest behavior, improve net advertiser results, and help hotel owners better understand their guests. ተጨማሪ ያንብቡ ግምገማ ከማስገባትዎ በፊት ይህን መተግበሪያ መጫን አለብዎት።

LEGOLAND® Hotels, Village Hotels, Vice-Hotels and Resorts, The Gale Miami and Gansevort Hotel Group, and some of the leading video assistants are some of the leading hotel companies. These innovative hotel companies are using Volaran’s non-contact guest and non-contact room control solution to facilitate private, automated and live chat interactions between hotel guests and staff.

During post-interview interviews, hotel owners will share their solutions to meet the latest renovations, add to their guest self-service program, or as part of an international modernization program. all of them He said they have invested in identifying their supply in the market and attracting more visitors. Each of them was measurable in terms of return on investment, increasing the net promotion points, increasing operational efficiency, reducing costs, and improving service quality.

LEGOLAND HOTELS Increases guest engagement

Merlin Entertainment began using Volara’s private and secure chat management software on Google Nest Hub in August 2021. The use of Nest Hub devices with Volara has revived the bedroom guest experience, eliminating the need for even loud touches such as bedside alarm clocks. And phones. Data usage from LEGOLAND® hotels shows that Nest Hub is 76.8% Equipment with Volara is used daily in LEGOLAND® hotels. 67.47% of the equipment in LEGOLAND® hotels is used once or three times a day. 25.38% of the equipment in LEGOLAND® hotels is used 13+ times a day. And greetings, suggestions and information sharing, as well as 10 hours of staff time a day with Nest Hubs with item and service requests.

“LEGOLAND® The Legoland Hotel at the New York Resort has opened without any telephone in the lobby. Nest Hubs with Volara is a smart way to engage with hotel staff and services. Instead of picking up the phone when guests are looking for something, they just ask Google. The device not only provides entertainment and satisfaction, but also drives service optimization. Volara Integration provides practical business information to help us process service requests faster and make informed decisions. If we see visitors asking for more blankets, for example, to reduce service calls, we can start placing more blankets in all rooms when the weather starts to change. Through Volara and Google, in-class voice recognition is opening up a whole new world of opportunities for operators like us and creating the experiences that today’s readers want. – James Barton, Head of Business Transformation Team, Hotels, Marilyn Entertainment

LEGOLAND® hotels are shaving costs by serving guests through voice automation, as well as removing printers in rooms and placing each hotel e-directory on a digital voice assistant. Visitors can scan the QR code on a Google device by viewing the digital menu, ordering a table or ordering, adding a digital sales channel in the lobby and driving additional revenue.

Reduce requests for reception from village hotels receptionists

In May 2021, Village Hotels became the first hotel brand to vote to activate the entire portfolio of properties. The technology release is the largest application for voice assistants in hotels in the UK, with all 32 properties live directly on the Villara Google Hotel solution.

“Deploying Nest Hubs now frees up time for our front desk hosts who have more time to interact with guests. Replacing our analog phone system with savings contracts and server room machinery would easily cover the cost of purchasing Nest Hubs. – Neil Chur, Head of IT Operations and Projects, Village Hotels

Prior to the deployment of Village Hotels, Nest Hubs was designed to increase customer satisfaction, reduce operating costs, and increase per customer cost. Today, each of those goals has been achieved, and to some extent. According to information about the hotel’s services on Nest Hub, it has significantly freed guests, giving them more time to engage guests and meet personal needs. Nest Hubs replaced all line phones in classrooms, eliminating the cost of purchasing new phones and maintaining existing hardware. And, by serving as a guest request tool, Nest Hubs has reduced the number of calls to home management, thereby streamlining the service and increasing customer satisfaction.

Second-income hotels and resorts using digital screens to drive space revenue

Viktorro Hotels and Resorts began using Volara-powered solutions on Google Nest Hub on October 2020 in Washington, DC and Hotel News. The solution is integrated with the hotel’s existing ALICE Hotel Operations Platform, allows guests to dial in hotel numbers, Sonifin’s interactive TV system provides voice command controls, and eliminates the printed guest directory.

“Today’s hotel experience is a sound center and involves connecting digital voice assistants to television, thermostats, live radio services and other hotel systems to make the guest experience more natural and home-realistic. We want to experience the Viceroy Hotels and Resorts experience in Volara’s “all-in-one” sound technology, so that our guests feel like a natural extension of their daily lives. It is a fun, interactive and unobtrusive way for guests to connect with the hotel; It is also a perfect way for staff to manage and meet guests’ voice requests. These devices are encouraging guests on their personal journey to enjoy the hotel in peace and privacy. – Darren Clark, Vice President of Technology for Royce Hotels and Resorts

The integration of existing technologies is key to the success of the audio program in Viceroy Hotels and Resorts. The brand’s auxiliary solutions include light and thermostat controls, in-room entertainment, guest music, playlists, playlists and more. To support marketing efforts on the site, the brand is using the digital screen to launch in-house promotions and sell opportunities.

Repeat business, which raises satisfaction levels on the South Coast of Gile

Since the reopening of the property in October 2020, since the launch of LIVE with Google Nest Hubs in all rooms, Gale South Beach, Curio stock at Hilton Hotel, has seen a huge increase in guest satisfaction levels. The hotel raised +40 points. TripAdvisor, and recurring reservations from returning customers have been shown in series.

“Powered by Volara The Google Hotel solution was the first step in our non-contact initiative, and guests were comforted. People are familiar and comfortable with modern speakers and providing the same voice-command experience at home is really comforting. Since we reopened, guests are staying away from Volara and Google thanks and socializing with our staff and benefiting from our services. – Kevin Waldstein, General Manager of Gale South Beach

Because Volara has merged with the hotel’s work platform ALICE, the hotel is gaining ROI with reduced costs and improved efficiency. All service requests will be fully transferred to the appropriate department, thereby increasing employee productivity. The company is reporting cost savings from low credit to guests for service failures. If guests request an item (“Hey Google, bring a bottle of champagne”)), Schedule a service (“Hey Google, bring my car to the front”)), Seek advice (“Hey Google, where can I get a good steak?”) Or you just need to know how to get to the hotel facility (“Hey Google, how do I connect to WiFi?”), Voice technology facilitates all guest interactions resulting in improved employee response times and greater satisfaction results.

Reopening Gansevort meat packing sound to help

Like The Gale, New York’s most iconic hotel, Gansevort Meatpacking, and in October 2020, it deployed digital audio assistants, but it was not until the summer of 2021 that guests began mass return to the property. The solution has been tested. In addition to using the solution to find hotel and neighborhood information, guests are currently ordering special “updates” via the digital screen, and are requesting service requests from the hotel’s Wi-Fi staff ticket system. The hotel is increasing customer satisfaction, streamlining housekeeping requests and increasing site revenue per customer through Volara and its partners.

At Gansevoort Meatpacking we always strive to bring our guests the latest technology and as flawless experience as possible. We look forward to working with Volara and Google to provide this experience to guests. With this new technology guests can play music, order anything from a champagne bottle to hot towels, and learn more about the camp just by chatting with Google Nest Hub.Anton Moore, General Manager of Gansevort Meat Packaging

When caregivers are concerned about their safety, the Gansevort Hotel allows guests to control their experience with voice commands – from turning on lights and TVs without access to the front desk or room service – room phone – to build passenger confidence and restore the hotel industry. It goes a long way.

We are proud to hear that our technology is supporting our efforts to renew their guest experience by reducing costs and improving services. In many hotels, our unconnected guest access and untouched room controls are replacing the phone, bedside clock, printed guestbook, and Bluetooth speaker. By adding Volara power assistants easily in the hotel lounge, operators will have a safer and more comfortable stay by increasing the return on investment in technology, new streams of revenue, efficiency and profitability.

David Burger was the first to conceive, develop and deliver a suitable hotel voice assistant. He is the founder and CEO of Volara, which allows hotel guests to find what they are looking for, when they need it, just by talking in the lobby.

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