Horizon Technology Finance offers fourth quarter 2021 portfolio upgrades

Farmington, Con, January 12, 2022 (PRNewswire) – Horizon Technology Finance Corporation (NASDAQ: HRZN) (HRZN or the “Company”) is a leading private finance company that offers loans to technology and life sciences capital companies. , Healthcare Information & Services and Sustainability Industries Presents Portfolio Update for Fourth Quarter December 31, 2021 And Horizon Platform Investment Advisor Update for Horizon Platform.

We had another special quarter, closing $ 118 million Loans are generated by our credit platform, incl $ 80 million Provides loans to HRZN Gerald A. Mickaud“For the year, the horizons are over,” said the HTML president. $ 425 million Record: New loans, including high $ 297 million For the HRZN portfolio.

“In addition, commitment to the Horizon Platform has slowed down $ 153 million Including debt investments $ 125 million Under HRZN Pledges, Horizon Platform will have new investment opportunities by the end of 2021, “Mr. Michaud added.” Brand to attract unique, diverse and transformative companies.

“Also received in the fourth quarter, HRZN $ 55 million Credit Prepaid – Predict our pricing strategy and provide additional repayment and accelerated interest income for HRZN. “By 2022, we are excited to have the opportunity to further develop the Horizon Platform and HRZN loan portfolio and provide greater value to HRZN shareholders,” Mr Michaud reported.

Fourth Quarter 2021 Portfolio Update


In the fourth quarter of 2021, in total $ 118.2 million Loans through the Horizon Forum, including a total of 17 loans $ 79.9 million Supported by HRZN as follows

  • $ 12.5 million Internal Define Inc. e-commerce platform for a new portfolio company designed, sold and marketed directly to users.
  • $ 8.5 million For an existing portfolio company, Branded Online, Inc. (B / A Nogin), a company that provides business-as-service to consumers and lifestyles.
  • $ 7.5 million For the new portfolio company GreenLite Bioscience Inc., the biofarmutical company Ribbonuklic Acid (RNA) focuses on solutions to human health and agricultural challenges.
  • $ 7.5 million To new portfolio company IMV Inc. (NASDAQ: IMV), Client-Level Biofarmospatial Company Developing New Cancer Prevention and Infectious Diseases.
  • $ 7.0 million For a new portfolio company, an online platform for subscribers to high quality used cars.
  • $ 5.0 million To a new portfolio company, build a memorial forest that offers sustainable options for cemeteries.
  • $ 5.0 million The current portfolio company, Emalex Biosciences, Inc., is a clinical-level biopharmaceutical company focused on developing treatments for central nervous system dysfunction and dementia.
  • $ 5.0 million Supply Network Vibration Holdings LLC (Everstream Analytics) supply chain risk management software for the existing portfolio company.
  • $ 5.0 million For existing portfolio company Proviv, Inc.
  • $ 5.0 million For the existing portfolio company Ceribell, Inc., the developer of the FDA-net rapid response electroencephalography (EEG) medical device, which measures the amount of electrical activity in different regions of the brain to diagnose epilepsy.
  • $ 3.5 million For a new portfolio company, a family experience that combines games, media and goods designed to inspire and engage families.
  • $ 2.5 million A portfolio company with technology that can identify microbes to speed up treatment and improve public health.
  • $ 2.5 million Towards a new portfolio company, an information platform that allows marketers to build personalized digital experiences and 1-to-1 marketing campaigns focusing on feature data.
  • $ 1.25 million For the current portfolio company Unagi, Inc. Premium portable electric scooters for sale and an affordable monthly subscription program.
  • $ 1.0 million Alula, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of security systems for an existing portfolio company, sells only to professional distributors and distributors.
  • $ 1.0 million For an existing company, InfoBionic, Inc., the developer of the FDA-approved SaaS remote control system to treat heart arrhythmia.

Fluid events

HRZN In the fourth quarter of 2021, it experienced liquid events from seven portfolio companies, including major prepaid payments. $ 55.0 million And General Receipt of Insurance and Equity Income $ 0.4 million, In comparison $ 50.4 million Principal advance payments and $ 1.6 million In the third quarter of 2021, the collateral will be

  • In October, Getaround, Inc. He paid the higher principal balance. $ 25.0 million On loan, interest, overdue payments and prepayments. HRZN continues to be secured within the company.
  • In October, Topia Mobility, Inc. He has already paid the principal balance. $ 10.0 million On loan, interest, overdue payments and prepayments. HRZN continues to be secured within the company.
  • In October, HRZN received a guarantee. $ 0.1 million By Education Elements, Inc. From the investment on.
  • In November, CVRx, Inc. He paid the higher principal balance. $ 20.0 million On loan, interest, overdue payments and prepayments. HRZN continues to be secured within the company.
  • In November, MVI (ABC), LLC (Contributor of Stereovision Inc.) paid the principal balance. $ 3.5 million On his Venture loan, plus interest.
  • HRZN received in December. $ 7.0 million From the sale of debt investments in Bitabern Corporation.
  • In December, HRZN received cash $ 0.3 million HRZN received in connection with the sale of Clarabridge, Inc. by Qualtrics International Inc. From the sale of shares in.

Major payments received

In the fourth quarter of 2021, HRZN received regular planned capital payments on total investments $ 2.9 millionCompared to the regular fees charged $ 3.2 million In the third quarter of 2021.


It’s over in a quarter December 31, 2021, HRZN closes new loan agreements. $ 114.9 million About 10 companies, compared to the new loan commitment $ 91.0 million A.D. For 11 companies in the third quarter of 2021. HMSM’s other managed funds closed new loan agreements during the quarter. $ 38.8 million Non-financial loan guarantees and obligations.

Pipeline and timing sheets

as such December 31, 2021, Were HRZN’s unsupported loan approvals and covenants (“Back-up record”). $ 124.5 million About 23 companies. This is compared to the previous background record. $ 100.6 million Up to 21 companies September 30, 2021. HRZN portfolio companies are determined to make such a commitment and the right to rescind a portfolio company is often subject to certain major issues and other credit conditions. Accordingly, there is no guarantee that any or all of these transactions will be financed by HRZN. HTFM’s other managed funds ended the quarter as a whole. $ 28.0 million Non-financial loan guarantees and obligations.

During the quarter, HTFM received signed documents in the process of approval, which could provide a total of the Horizon Forum. $ 135 million New Debt Investments. These opportunities include, but are not limited to, completion of due diligence, approval of certified documents and investment committees, and compliance with the HTFM allocation policy. Accordingly, there is no guarantee that any or all of these transactions will be completed or financed by HRZN.

Capital Markets Activity – Security and Equity Portfolio

as such December 31, 2021, HRZN 64 has a portfolio of securities and equity in 77 portfolio companies, including private companies, which will provide additional HRZN shareholder opportunities in the future.

About Horizon Technology Finance

Horizon Technology ይናንስ Financial HRZN is a leading private finance company that provides capital-secured loans to capital-supported companies in the technology, life sciences, health information and services and sustainability industries. The purpose of HRZN’s investment is to generate timely revenue from debt investments, to increase its investment portfolio, and to appreciate the capital it receives when conducting debt investments. It is headquartered in Horizon Technology Financial Management LLC. Farmington, Connecticut, With regional office Pleasanton, CaliforniaInvestment professionals in and Portland, Maine, Austin, Texas, And Reston, Virginia. To learn more, please visit www.horizontechfinance.com.

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