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Nur, a leading prop-tech and alternative hosting company operating in more than 19,000 cities and 60 countries, has expanded its partnership with Austin-based SAX’s VDD, which provides hospitality, short-term rental, multi-family and business services. Real Estate Industries. Reside’s subsidiary Reside 3Sixty, a long-time corporate housing marketer, has implemented Virdee, enabling seamless guest experiences for the company’s dynamic inventory.

Reside 3Sixty is a global Ride innovation technology platform designed to provide end-to-end transfer and business management for partners, customers and guests worldwide. Reside 3Sixty has direct access to over 650,000 high-quality, fully certified hosting options in traditional corporate homes, hotels, short- and long-term apartments, student homes and single-family homes. Residential 36ty customers benefit from a world-class compliant and instant booking tool tailored to every customer’s needs and a customer advocacy model focused on consistency, connectivity and 100% transparency.

“We must continue to drive technology solutions that enable us to adapt quickly and provide a quality and consistent hospitality experience, as a true alternative hospitality provider and the growing demand for space around the world,” Robin said. Juliet, Chief Technology Officer, resident. “Virdee Virtual Reception We first deployed mobile phones and kiosks in the Seattle, Washington area and expanded our facilities to New York City. Customers and guests alike found the technology easy to use and were impressed by the services at hand and the seamless accessibility provided by Virdee Solution.

“We are thrilled to be expanding our partnership by providing a solution for Reside 3Sixty Enterprise Global Mobile Application,” said Brenigan Mulukahi, co-founder of Verdi. “Virdee was established with a focus on enhancing the guest experience in a variety of assets, including corporate homes, and in many cases self-service solutions.”

“We are delighted to offer our solutions to a creative leader in corporate housing,” said Nadav Kornberg, co-founder of Verdi. “Virdee’s mobile app brings Reside 3Sixty’s dynamic inventory into Residential 3Sixty to help their customers streamline their operations.”

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