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Hobart and William Smith Colleges have had MFA success

A New York-based company has been successful in getting users to receive multi-level certification. Hobart and William Smith Colleges began MFA adoption in the 2019-2020 academic year by gradually consolidating verification processes between specific applications and web services and among students, faculty, staff and network guests.

Recently, the company, which works with Security Outsourcing products, has been 100% accepted by its regular users.

MFA provides additional security coverage by asking users to provide additional credentials in addition to their username and password, for example by sending a PIN on time or answering a challenging query.

After the user logs into a service using MFA, the system remembers and believes the same browser and device for 30 days. During that time, the user does not need to use the additional authentication level for that service. (The difference is the lab and classroom computers in the classroom.)

Mobile phone numbers are stored in Public by HR, when users are added, or through the self-service menu.

In addition to receiving a PIN for verification, users can choose other delivery methods, including email, voice and knowledge base requests.

“The choice of SecureAuth ID platform is based on the ability and” ability to get federation, self-service password management and multi-level authentication in one product, “said Derek Lustig, the institute’s director of infrastructure and security services.

Although users have agreed to use MFN on campus, Lustig said the “good adjustment” has continued.

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