Hitachi Astemo is the new global leader in automotive mobile technology

Farmington Hills, Mitch. , July 27, 2021 (PRNewswire) – A new technology company with great growth and environmental goals has entered the automotive market by 2021.

Hitachi Astemo was formed on January 1, 2021 with the merger of Hitachi Automotive Systems with three former Honda associates, Nissin Kogio, Kehin and Shoa. Hitachi Limited owns 66.6 percent of the new car supplier, while Honda owns 33.4 percent.

The company has scalability, technical depth and software capabilities to make significant contributions in areas of rapid change technology such as security, electrification, comfort and sustainability.

The main goals of the Hitachi Astemo include:

  • Carbon neutral production lines by 2030 fiscal year;
  • Global leadership in electric motors and vice versa annual production goals for each of the five million units and;
  • An estimated $ 18 billion in economic value and 15 percent of the 2025 budget.

“Based on the strength of our founding companies, Hitachi Astem is committed to creating a sustainable future and improved quality of life,” said CEO Bris Koch. Our diverse skills, efficiency, and scale economy enable us to reap the greatest economic, environmental, and social benefits – a technology that will continue to grow stronger with the use of technology and information from our Hitachi partners.

According to Koch, Astemo is meant to move forward with sustainable technologies, a name that is fully in line with the company’s plans and is intended to describe the future of the movement through power transmission, chassis systems and advanced driver support technologies and solutions.

Globally, the company employs 90,000 people in 140 establishments in 27 countries, bringing them closer to its OEMM customers worldwide.

In the United States (USA, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil), Hitachi Astem has 38 facilities with its regional headquarters in Farmington Hills, Michigan. The team is led by senior vice president of Hitachi Astemo and President and CEO of Hitachi Astemo USA and CEO Paul Carol.

“We are developing advanced mobility solutions for cars and motorcycles in the future,” says Carol. The Hitachi Astomo Engineering Team is determined today to drive innovation that will accelerate the development of next-generation technologies.

The Hittite Astemo chassis unit currently accounts for about 41 percent of global sales, while Powertrain and Security Systems Division contributes 50 percent, Coch said. The company is a major supplier of about eight percent of the motorcycle industry.

Today, the Hitachi Astemo is in international sales for hydraulic restraints and components such as electric motors and inverters. He is a leader in base-brake sales and leads the motorcycle team selling tires, throttle parts and suspension.

Major Hitachi Astemo development programs currently include the following.

  • Investors with industry-leading production and high efficiency performance;
  • The most efficient, most compact electric drive components;
  • Next-generation integrated chassis control systems;
  • Using integrated AD / ADAS sensor and artificial intelligence technologies, and
  • Motorcycle electric and anti-nose “attitude control” systems.

About Hitachi Astemo, Limited

Hitachi Astemo, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a joint venture between Hitachi and Limited and Hitachi Astemo, a Honda Motor Company, for the development, manufacturing, sales and service of enterprise and automotive and transportation systems, as well as industrial machinery systems. More information is available at A brief overview of the company’s YouTube video is also available at

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