HermanCainAward’s Unbelievable Grief

Herman Cainard, one of the fastest growing subsidies on Reddit.com, seems to be right: the archives of people who were hospitalized / killed by COVID and did not believe they could be infected. He A few weeks after attending the Trump Summit in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he was photographed in the summer of 2020, he was nominated by Republican Herman Kayen, a candidate for the presidency. Cain’s Twitter account continues to undermine the virus. Even after his death.

The concept of the Herman Cain Prize is simple and ugly. An introduction to the subtitle is included on a social media profile (usually Facebook, last name cleared) between two and 16 screenshots, and he died strongly opposed to the precautions he and others could take. The idea is to follow the individual’s journey from the covide concept, that is, to the COVID practice – where someone posts or comments about masks or bullets, or advocates before they become ill, and how they and their community describe their illness. Once you get sick. As the platform grew, inputs began to follow a balanced standard format — the first few screenshots typically present a surprisingly consistent set of characters (there are 30 or more) notes. Some will win Dr. Anthony Fawsin or the right not to be vaccinated. Other people warn that they are experimental mice or that they issue scripts that accurately punish reserve workers for inquiring about vaccination status. Some ridicule masked liberals as “sheep” and unvaccinated proud lions, or refer to refugees as pathogens, or compare vaccination requirements to holocaust. Many view the epidemic as a joke and a framework, either bold or clever or ignore both. The latest screenshots typically follow the disease, progress, and finally the death announcement, GoFundMe for the family. When a person is hospitalized, the feeling at that entrance is that he is “appointed.” When they die, they become “rewarded.”

Cruel, heartless and unrepentant schadenfreude site. This is a place where death is celebrated, and it is not alone. While the anger of Trump voters and Fox News viewers and QAnon followers has flooded in, there is still some anger that has yet to be fully explored. In a congested ICO. Instead of being hailed as heroes, they risk their lives when they walk in anti-Vaks protests and are called killers or, worse, family members who are not vaccinated against respiratory illnesses by asking ivermectin to take them or in fact sue. Or there is anger among family members who die or get sick without corticosteroids, such as hydroxic chloroquine or vitamin C. (For example, when Texas Governors forbid school safety measures and two teachers die in one school, there is frustration among parents who are trying to keep their children safe by forcing them to close.) once again. They are tired of living in epidemics and there is a general outpouring of anger over the selfishness of their countries.

For HermanCainAward sub-subscriptions, more than 100,000 subscribers will be added to the logarithm by 5,000 from July 4 to early August, from September 1 to 243,000 on Friday, and from 276,000 by 276,000. If that rate is any indication, anger is escalating from anti-social and anti-lethal rights to anti-vassals to prolong the epidemic. Now, it is true that in the subdivision, not everyone is subject to the brutal conditions: a tired nurse writes a long balance of how much anti-Vax patients have suffered, trying to maintain balance. She realized that she was going to have to deal with her own sympathy, but she urged readers to think hard about how we got to this apology. Many discussions revolve around that fundamental question. But Most of them The comments were outrageous. A set of screenshots generally creates a common feeling – the person has found the right dessert.

It does nothing in addition to schadenfreude occurs when Americans look at one another after another Stories?

I started reading because I wanted to understand social-motivation impulses like vaccines — people who consider themselves good people — to the point of saving lives. It literally celebrates death. I was not close to understanding that, but it was very strange Did Because I read these records – despite reading a lot of statistics and case histories and articles about the epidemic, r / HermanCainAward became my deepest source of what it looks like when someone dies from COVID. I understand the disease because I have read so many misguided “stories” that ordinary people who condemn politics – with the help of their families – analyze as much as possible. They are less likely to be COVID patients than before. Trying to make a positive spin on things. Asking for prayers. Avoid conversions in general. They do not expect to die. It is a constant reading. And it ends in the same way. Only health care workers have seen so many people fall and die.

Kovid has always been and still is a problem for many Americans. We treat death more medically than most cultures, but reasonable restrictions on visitors to COVID departments mean that the disease is affecting hospitals across the country. We all know that air conditioning is bad and it is worse to go on an ACMO machine, but most of us have not heard what the lungs look like when they look at that “now-classic” “ground glass”. We did not see people panicking and pulling tubes because they could not breathe. We did not see the sick, swollen and airy, the unknown. Or guessed. Or make their final conversation before going to the airport.

You will not see most of these things in these r / HermanCainAward screenshots, but you will see what you do not want much. You see the suffering in particular. Of course, it is refined, often through a refusal to fall and a failed positive attitude. When people are already sick, they are labeled bad. They often put it simply for prayer. In previous posts the comparison of their greatness serves as a reinforcement, whether they are To comment He comes to serve what they preach – in general, when they read these – they feel how awful they are. Selfies can be cruel. The photos are posted by family members because the patient is often unconscious, swollen, obviously in a bad way. Relative updates show important medical details such as ventilation settings and oxygen stabilization, and they learn to identify the course of the disease — when the onset of dialysis begins, as a reader, you know that the prognosis is poor. Notice of Death – Once the questions of prayer and the promise of miracles are over – it often shows how much worse it was than anyone else – they know that the patient also had an MRI, or had an autoimmune disease, or had a stroke. And clots.

Even though they are, many HermanCainAward readers have experienced it as much as I have experienced it – COVID is a terrifying sight of what could really happen. Hundreds of stories about death from ghost scenes show that the disease — when it is bad — is worse than even the most supportive person.

And this is what sets r / HermanCainAward apart from other schadenfreude-based platforms like r / LeopardsAteMyFace: The scary doesn’t stop because it’s more horrible than satisfying. These are personal stories Do not make conversions. These anti-depressants are not a place to learn, get vaccinated and save themselves. Of course, when a patient or relative regrets a vaccine and urges their friends to do their best to avoid the same fate, there is occasionally a “home remedy” label. But those are rare. This enormous record of human suffering shows (surprisingly, repetitive similarities) how anti-Vax communities can be reconciled as long as they continue to maintain their faith. Posts about individual liberty and self-sufficiency are involved in serious dependency appeals: The call to “prayer warriors” by R. Herman Card is an important feature at this point. When a person dies, his grief is mild and general – he was a good man, he got the wings of the angels today, it was time, God called him home. Their families often express their gratitude to the medical staff who care for them. It’s a release, and it’s very sad. And yet: Although I am cold, I do not know how this article will make me happy, but I will not be able to make up for the loss. A 35-year-old man with three small children and free immunizations should not die! Surprisingly, this recognition is low.

If these personal stories do not seem to change, what about the sum? It does nothing in addition to schadenfreude occurs when Americans look at each other after these stories? I’m not sure, but a new category is recently collecting steam in the subdivision – IPA (Immunization Award). People post photos of their new immunization cards stating that they don’t want to “win” after reading Herman Card. They are excited about the comments. One comment says, “I’m not anti-Vaks,” and I was confused and confused by all the misinformation. He was really scared and confused. Watching this sub-radio for 5 minutes quickly brought me back to Earth. I will get the first round of Pfizer vaccine early next week. Thank you for your support. “There are more of these than you might expect; Who knows if these stories are true, but some of them may even be convincing to people who do not act on certain issues in general.

About r / HermanCainAward, dark, dark times dark record, gentle or kind or especially fair. Even using Cain as a model is free of poverty. He was one of the conservatives who did not deny that Kovid was real. Although he did not follow those recommendations, he argued that he should follow CDC guidelines, including social distance and masks on the radio show. I’m not sure if it’s necessary; No one can argue that the place where people gather to mock the dead is “moral,” or hypocritical, or good-natured, or by the authorities on the beach. It is an anti-persuasive place where people can reasonably appeal to what is terrifying and scary. And who knows? Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.

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