Here’s why Dogecoin developer is moving away from Crypto project

Ross Nicole, editor-in-chief of the Dogecoin Foundation, has announced that he will stay away from the Mem Crypto project and will serve as a consultant. For those of you who do not know, the Dogecoin Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the development of Mem Coin and has listed several new projects, the first road map in history.

It should be noted that Nicole is a full-time employee of another company, whose name is currently unknown. According to Nicole, the release is not complete and the employer is moving into the blockchain space, which could lead to further complications, which could jeopardize the conflict of interest if he continues to be the director of the Dogecoin Foundation. “I donate everything I can to the Dogecoin Foundation. I will remain a consultant to the Foundation for Transition, ”he wrote in a blog post.

The chief developer of the Dogecoin Foundation has also written about the concerns he faces. A.D. By 2021, many parties were registering trademarks for Dogecoin under the guise of Dogecoin. Unfamiliar foreign parties have published articles cited by Dogecoin developers. A.D. In the summer of 2021, there was an accusation against the developers of anyone claiming responsibility for their money, ”said Nicole, adding that he had no intention of taking Dogecoin to the next level.

One week ago, Billy Marcus, co-founder of Dogecoin, asked fans to “stay” as they had not been able to find any significant activity since January 2022. Marcus warned members of the Mem-Centim community on Twitter not to get involved. “Crazy, toxic, offensive, spam” and that could devalue the brand.

Dogecoin is a fast-paced “exciting” alternative to Bitcoin, created in 2013 by software engineers Billy Marcus and Jackson Palmer. It started as a mockery of the many fraudulent cryptocurrencies of its time and took its name and logo from the viral Shiba Inu Mem many years ago.

Doge also has a strong following in Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who has repeatedly added tweets to Digital Token Mania. Musk once changed his life on Twitter to “former Dogecoin CEO.” Other celebrities, including Rapper Snug Dog and rock musician Gene Simons, have been featured on social media.


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