Here’s what to expect from the 2022 Apple Spring event

Looking forward to a shiny new Apple product? Well, you have to wait until March or April to get your hands on the next “it” product from the Cupertino giant. Although Apple has not yet announced when it will hold its first major event in 2022, there are reports that it could be seen once in March and April. It could be a fantasy, Apple may announce new products it plans to ship soon. All signs indicate the arrival of the third generation iPhone SE, iPad Air 5 and next generation iPad Pro. Here is what to expect from Apple’s first event of the year based on recent reports and rumors.

When is the next Apple event?

Apple usually hosts three to four events a year, including a Spring event. When the new iPhone launches in September, the October event is largely reserved for Mac. Of course, the spring event is not the same as the September event, but from a strategic point of view it is becoming more important for Apple. Apple still believes this year’s spring event will take place in March and April. The 2021 Sprint event showcased the iPad Pro with the M1 chip, M1 iMac, updated 4K Apple TV and the long-awaited AirTags.

Do not expect Apple iPhone to re-record SE 3

iPhone SE 3

The most important announcement ahead of Apple’s next event is the launch of the third-generation iPhone SE. IPhone SE 2 Seen in 2020, but last year Apple decided not to advertise. Various reports indicate that Apple is working on two different iPhone SE models, one with an iPhone 8-like design and an updated interior and the other a slightly more advanced and new design. However, the 2022 iPhone model is said to have LCD display, 5G support and Face ID. This is the most popular model in March or April. The iPhone SE has become very popular in affordable markets like India. Apple will continue to stick to the formula to keep devices like the iPhone SE alive. Read our 2020 iPhone SE review.

Apple event 2022, Apple Spring event 2022, iPhone SE 3, iPhone SE 2022, iPad Air 4, iPad Pro 2022, Apple spring 2022 event Apple may add 5G in the next iPad Air. (Image Credit Catch Apple)

IPad Air 5

There is good reason for Apple to launch the next iPad Air in 2022. The newly-launched iPad Air, which launched in early 2020, has been a resounding success. We’re guessing now, but Apple may launch the iPad Air in the upcoming Spring release. We are not surprised when any processor that runs on the iPad Air 5 will end up. There is also talk of the 5G integration with the iPad Air, although this is only a rumor. Read our iPad Air 4 review.

Apple event 2022, Apple Spring event 2022, iPhone SE 3, iPhone SE 2022, iPad Air 4, iPad Pro 2022, Apple spring 2022 event Rumors of a new iPad Pro with new design and wireless charging came out recently. (Image Credit Deported Nandagopal Rajan / India Express)

iPad Pro

Last year, the iPad Pro was extremely powerful with the M1 chip, but developers were unable to use desktop-class performance by developing “Pro” applications. Expect the new iPad Pro this year, but the question is whether it will work with the M1 Pro processor or the undeclared M2 chip. According to Bloomberg, the next iPad Pro may have new design and wireless charging support. Read our 2021 iPad Pro review.

Apple event 2022, Apple Spring event 2022, iPhone SE 3, iPhone SE 2022, iPad Air 4, iPad Pro 2022, Apple spring 2022 event The next Mac Mini is said to have a new design and a powerful chip in it. (Image credit clear Jon Prosser / Front Page Tech)

Mac Mini

Macs can take advantage of this opportunity to update their computers, including the Apple Mac. In 2022, Apple updated the Mac Mac Mini with an M1 processor. Now that Apple has introduced M1 Pro and M1 Max processors, this is something to look forward to. The iPhone maker, the powerful Mac Mini, is said to be working on a new design. The new Mac Mini will be the new power cord introduced in the M1 iMac and will have the same texture as plexiglass.


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