Here’s how you can use Otter to write audio

Interviews or handwritten talks can sometimes be tedious. However, while there are many applications and services that one can use to find them automatically, one of the services to try is Otter.

Otter is a great option if you want to copy audio to one or more people.

Otter can be found on the web and mobile app and allows you to copy audio in real time. The service monitors and analyzes the words and translates them into text.

You can then export the text, either as a document or by email, as you wish. The service provides a 600-minute transcript per month.

If you want to upgrade, the premium account will give you 6,000 minutes per month with advance email support of Rs 1,100 Rs or Rs 8,200 per year in India.

Otter is developed by AISense, and the company collects and copies your copies and other information. It is recommended that you read the AISense privacy policy before using the service.

While the service can be very useful at times, it is not perfect. It is a machine-based text copy service and there is room for error. But you can improve the experience by taking a few things into consideration.

Otter allows you to copy audio from one or more people (image source screenshot app)

According to the company, if you want to increase the accuracy, you need to place your device three feet away from all speakers. In addition, speaking openly in a noise-free environment improves the accuracy of the straw in bidding to reduce background noise.

If you are using the Otter Android app, it is very easy to copy your voice. When you first access the app, the service gives you the option of connecting the app to your Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook account.

To copy audio, click the blue record button at the bottom right of your screen. The app displays the message ‘Record now’. Then you can start talking and the app will instantly copy the audio in front of your eyes. The app gives you the option of sharing the copied text via email.


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