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August is full of spectacular astronomical events and will continue to clamp Skygazer with a telescope. This month Meter baths can be seen in the blue moon, Jupiter and Saturn.

NASA metro tracking cameras are expected to be high until mid-August, and since July 26, they have been able to detect the first meters in the Persian meter bath.

Space lovers can find them from the evening of August 11 to the night of August 12. People in the Northern Hemisphere can receive more than 40 feet[40 m]of rain per hour. People in the Southern Hemisphere see fewer Percent Metro baths. The Persian Metro Shower looks like tiny dots of light.

How metro rains occur

As NASA approaches the sun, part of the ice sheet “boils”, releasing large amounts of debris, water and gas into space. Each year, when the earth completes its orbit around the sun, it is exposed to the elements.

Less than asteroids, these meteorites or planets collide with the Earth’s atmosphere and fall into what is commonly called a shooting star.

When multiple metroroids fall to the ground at the same time, it is called a metro shower.

How a Persian Metro bath looks

Ideally, the Persian Metro shower in the Northern Hemisphere was just before dawn. But sometimes people can get up to 10 hours. NASA recommends going to bed or waking up in the early hours of August 11-13.

Metro is difficult to see in the city due to the high levels of artificial light pollution. Therefore, it is best to have a safe place in the suburbs where there is less pollution and the buildings are less or less visible.

You do not need a telescope or binoculars to view the metro bath. After about 30 minutes of lying on your back, your eyes darken and you enjoy the fireworks!

If you can’t see the Metro Shower in real life, you can watch the Metro Shower online while some websites broadcast this amazing bath. NASA YouTube The channel is such a place for capturing live streams of the Percent Metro Shower.

It is very clear why the Persian Metro bath

Percentage Metro Shows take place on summer evenings when the weather is clearer. They are one of the most “rainy days” (50 to 100 meters per hour), and those who look at the meteorites at night can find them. Sex will be high.

Another factor that makes the Persian Metro brighter than other meters is the fireball. It is a magnificent metro that can be seen in a wide area. These meters are huge explosions that come from the “Comet case” and basically emit light and color.

Here’s how to catch this amazing scene in the night sky: Technology News, Prisp

Here’s how the source link captures this amazing scene in the night sky: Technology News, Prisp Post

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